We understand that stepping out of full-time education can seem daunting, but with the right help around you you will be able to tackle any career path that you choose. That’s why we created this website, along with this page of useful information to direct you to a number of local organisations who are set up to help you find your way.

If you were not able to acquire Level 2 qualifications (GCSEs or equivalents) in English, Maths and ICT, you will gain these qualifications during the course of your apprenticeship. However, if you want to acquire these qualifications first, check out this course.

If you are facing financial hardship there are plenty of methods of support. If you are aged 19 or over and are in a further education course, you may be eligible for Learner Support. This would cover accommodation and travel, course materials and equipment, and even childcare if you are eligible.

For mental health support, you can contact the Supporting Apprentices service for free. They will offer you a nine-month period of emotional wellbeing support and advice, workplace adjustment advice, successful coping strategies and a step-by-step support plan. If you wish to contact their service, you can do so by phone (0300 456 8210) or email apprentices@remploy.co.uk.

If you feel like you need personal support, be it a conversation about your future or the conditions of your apprenticeship, you should contact the National Apprenticeship Service helpdesk, either by phone (0800 0150 400) or by email.

If you believe that your employer may be underpaying you, you should contact Acas for advice.

For support from other workers, your industry may have a suitable union. Check to see if your apprenticeship is covered.