Apprenticeships: Which Lead to the Highest Salaries?

Written by Calvin Bowers

Apprenticeships are often seen as a way to get an entry-level job, but did you know that many can lead to higher salaries than degree-level careers or graduate jobs? Every year there is a new apprenticeship opening up in a new field, giving more and more people the opportunity for a high-paying career. In this article, we will be looking at what apprenticeships pay the best – taking into account both starting salaries and average salaries.

Apprenticeships offer a hands-on approach to learning – allowing you to utilise knowledge gained while gaining crucial industry experience. With this in mind, we’ve found the highest paying apprenticeship jobs in a range of sectors.


The first industry to be looked at is finance and accountancy, which typically offers lucrative starting salaries as well as average earnings figures for those already established after two or three years. For example, Trainee Company Accountants can expect an annual salary between £20-25,000 once they have completed their apprenticeship.Other finance-related apprenticeships which pay high salaries include Trainee Commercial Finance Brokers at £27-30k and Trainee Business Development Managers with an average salary of £35-40k per year.


A popular choice for many is to become a lawyer – one of the most highly paid professions. There are many different types of apprenticeship available for those interested in the legal field, including paralegals and trainee solicitors – allowing law students to earn while they learn with a starting salary between £18-25k per year.
After three years as an apprentice, Trainee Solicitors can expect to earn between £23-29k per year – though if you want to become a Partner in your firm, this figure can easily be doubled.
Another popular choice is the banking and finance sector, with apprenticeships here earning high salaries too. One example of an unusual role that pays very well is that of Trainee Bank Brand Ambassadors, who can expect a starting salary of £30-35k.


Trainee Bank Brand Ambassadors must have good communication skills and an eye for detail – balancing social media strategies with in-store branding. Once they have completed their apprenticeship, they can expect to earn around £32-40k per year on average. This is one example of a high paying apprenticeship that offers a good work-life balance as well as rewarding those who put in the hard graft.
For those looking for more of an international career, Trainee International Bankers can expect to earn between £28 and £30k per year – if they’re willing to travel that is! After two years and completing their apprenticeship, Trainee International Bankers can expect to earn around £35-45k per year.
Another apprenticeship in the finance industry that can lead to a very high salary is a Financial Administrator. After three years as an apprentice and gaining their professional qualification, they then have the opportunity for a pay rise up to £40-50k per year.


In the manufacturing sector, there is a range of apprenticeships available which lead to high salaries – though most require some level of prior experience in engineering or technical qualifications. This includes Trainee Manufacturing Engineer, who will earn an average salary of £30-60k after completing their degree and gaining further on the job training.
Another high paying apprenticeship is that of Manufacturing Technicians, who can expect to earn between £25-45k per year after completing their degree and two years of on the job experience. After three or more years, the average salary for those already established in this role is around £30-40k.


Finally, we have the construction industry, which again offers apprenticeships for those with prior experience or qualifications. One example is that of Trainee Builder, who earn on average £25-45k per year after completing their apprenticeship and gaining further training in this role.
For those without any previous knowledge or qualification, they can join as an unskilled labourer and gain qualifications while working. After two years, an unskilled labourer can expect a salary of around £22-30k per year, though this does depend on the industry you work in – construction is higher paid than catering, for example.

There are many different apprenticeships available which lead to very high salaries after completion. Visit our apprenticeship job board to discover live opportunities in your area, contact us for more information here, and sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with new apprenticeship developments and the latest news.

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Last Updated: Thursday August 4 2022
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