The Best Apprenticeships in the UK in 2022

Written by Calvin Bowers

High-quality UK apprenticeships are an excellent way of combining learning and earning as well as having the opportunity to gain experience, make contacts and build connections with people who are already active in your chosen line of work. 

There are various different apprenticeship levels which equate with the academic difficulty of the course work being pursued and the qualifications achieved. Regardless of their level though, apprenticeships can be a great way to get ahead and to get a foot on the ladder, so that you can make progress in your career. The apprenticeship standards and career routes can help you plan the next steps into your future profession. We have included ten of the best apprenticeship types in the UK in 2022. 

Ten Top UK Apprenticeships

IT Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships in the area of Information Technology equip the apprentice with skills required to embark on a career in the IT and technical support industries, whether self-employed contractors or as part of a firm providing these services. 

As part of your apprenticeship you will normally be expected to carry out the duties of a junior IT specialist. Technical skills learned on the job will typically include installing and uninstalling software remotely across networks, accessing and configuring hardware including computers, printers and scanners. There are excellent careers in IT, for example as a Network Analyst, which can pay up to £52k per year in the UK and this makes IT one of the top apprenticeships in the UK.

Hairdressing Apprenticeships

This is an area ideally suited to people with fun and outgoing personalities who can communicate well with those around them and have a high degree of empathy toward others. Apprentice hairdressers will typically learn the skills and techniques that will allow them to become a professional hair stylist in their own right. 

Some duties may include taking telephone bookings, tidying and sanitising hairdressing stations between customers, upselling hair products to customers and developing their own clientele via the use of social media. Hair stylists can command a salary of up to £34,000 pa and some of the more successful ones start their own salon and can earn much more. 

Electrician Apprenticeships

This is one trade that always seems to be in high demand so it is no surprise that electrician apprenticeships are popular. Often being able to apprentice with a small firm will allow you to form a strong bond with workmates and may lead to permanent employment afterward. 

Apprentice electricians will learn all about how electricity and voltages work and all the safety issues surrounding these. They will also learn how to understand and assess technical documents, blueprints and electrical diagrams and to source relevant components and materials. They will be taught how to install wiring and electrical sockets safely and efficiently. 

Formula One Apprenticeships

There have been some apprenticeships in Formula One teams advertised recently by UK based teams such as Mercedes AMG Petronas, though unfortunately not for the position of driver. The F1 Apprenticeships have been for roles in administration through to team mechanics. The opportunity of being embedded in a Formula One team puts you on the “fast track” to success. 

The skills developed will depend on the role, whether it is in the business and logistics side or in the mechanical side but either way, valuable skills will be accrued and contacts made that will stand you in good stead for future success. It is a prestigious role and one that looks great on your CV. 

Engineering Apprenticeships

There are many different engineering apprenticeships that cover various facets of being an engineer from working on aircraft with the RAF to assembling car engines, becoming a gas engineer, or fitting and testing machinery. These tend to be very “hands-on” apprenticeships with engineers getting into the real nitty gritty of the work.

To succeed in this you need to be a good self-starter and be able to work autonomously to get things done. You will begin by shadowing other engineers at your firm, gradually joining in the work as you become more confident and competent, learning from those around you. There are good prospects in engineering as almost everything around us needs to be assembled or repaired in one way or another.

Management Apprenticeships

These apprenticeships are popular as they allow the apprentice to develop the leadership qualities that are needed to become a manager. This can allow for faster career progression than for most people including university graduates who haven’t taken on an apprenticeship and gained the relevant experience. 

Many large companies obtain skilled managers through their apprenticeship schemes and apprentices will be taught how to do many tasks relevant to the individual business they are with but also more general skills such as how to manage a diverse team of people and to get the best from them. You will learn how to encourage personal development and how best to communicate information to your team. 

Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

This is an area that has experienced huge growth over the last decade and there are many opportunities for apprentices to thrive. Digital marketing is a skill set in high demand and having the chance to work at an established agency as part of an apprenticeship will give you valuable experience. 

The skills you will learn as part of a digital marketing apprenticeship will typically include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), keyword research, how to use popular analytics packages like Google Analytics and how to write adverts for use on the Facebook, Google and Amazon advertising platforms. 

Accounting Apprenticeships

There is a perception that in order to become an accountant, you have to get very high grades in school but this is not the case, there are other routes to success. In this case, an accounting apprenticeship can help you to gain the skills and qualifications needed in order to become an accountant. 

Some of the skills you will learn during your apprenticeship are bookkeeping, ensuring filings are done on time, interpersonal and IT skills and an understanding of the law as it pertains to matters of taxation. 

Logistics Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships in logistics are offered by some of the largest companies in the UK including the likes of supermarket giant Aldi. There is a skills gap in this area so there are great opportunities to harness this demand to your own benefit when it comes to seeking employment after your apprenticeship.

You will learn how the supply chain works and the part that your organisation plays within that bigger picture. You will understand the difficulties presented by different scenarios and find ways to counteract any problems. Health and safety will obviously be a key priority and that is something that will be taught early and reinforced throughout. You will also learn stock management and how to check inventory levels.  

Construction Apprenticeships

Construction is once again a growth area after the hiatus due to Covid-19 and there are skills shortages in this area, so there are plenty of apprenticeship opportunities in construction available. 

Apprentices in construction will often take on quite varied roles depending on what their particular company specialises in. They may be taught how to use plant machinery, how to demolish buildings safely and how different components and stages of a build come together. Health and safety obviously plays a big part in this apprenticeship and will be emphasised throughout. 

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Last Updated: Saturday October 22 2022
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