Changing Your Apprenticeship: Your Options

Written by Luke Kitchen

Apprenticeships are an excellent opportunity for young people who want to learn a trade and get hands-on experience, but it can be challenging for those unhappy in their apprenticeship. If you find yourself wanting more than what your apprenticeship offers, then there are options for you to consider; ending your apprenticeship or changing it to enable you to pursue the career of your dreams.  

Your apprenticeship doesn’t just involve you; it also affects your employer and your training provider, which means making changes can be complicated. This article will run through your options if you’ve decided your apprenticeship isn’t right for you. 

Changing Your Apprenticeship Subject  

If you want to change the subject of your apprenticeship, you’ll need to leave your current position and reapply for a completely new apprenticeship. Just like any other job, you can look for another apprenticeship that suits you before leaving your current one. However, you need to consider whether changing apprenticeships altogether is best for you; future employers may ask why you didn’t complete your previous apprenticeship. 

Changing Jobs During Your Apprenticeship 

It is possible to change your job without it affecting your apprenticeship. Changing jobs won’t mean that you have to start your studies again. However, your training provider will have to agree that your chosen employer is suitable.  

Starting an Apprenticeship at Your Current Job  

You can start an apprenticeship at your current job as long as your employer agrees. The best way to get an apprenticeship while keeping your current job is to ask your employer if they would be happy to offer you an apprenticeship. While the minimum wage for apprentices is different to that of non-apprentices, it is unlikely that your employer would reduce your pay when you start the apprenticeship. 

Leaving Your Apprenticeship Course and Keeping Your Job  

You will be able to leave your apprenticeship course but keep your job with your current employer, but only if your employer agrees. If they agree to this, they will be required to pay you the minimum age for non-apprentices in your age bracket.  

Leaving Your Job and Completing Your Apprenticeship Course 

It is possible to leave your apprenticeship job and continue with your course. If you can’t find another employer to take you on as an apprentice, you may have to pay training costs to continue your course. You should contact your training provider to see if this is possible.  

Ending Your Apprenticeship Early 

Ending your apprenticeship early is an option for you if you no longer feel like it is the right option for you. You should consider this before making the decision, as future employers may want to know why you did not complete the course. Much like any other job, if you’re going to leave, you will be required to give a period of notice to your employer. If you are employed under a contract of apprenticeship, you will need to read your contract to find out if you are required to pay back any money to cover training costs; however, if you’re employed under an apprenticeship agreement, you won’t have to pay anything to your employer. 

Being Fired or Made Redundant During an Apprenticeship 

If you are fired or made redundant during your apprenticeship, you should contact your learning provider to help you find a new employer to continue your course with. Rules surrounding ending an apprenticeship are different from those of a regular job because they are considered training rather than employment. You should seek legal advice if you believe you have been unlawfully fired or made redundant.  

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Last Updated: Monday July 25 2022
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