Finding and choosing the right training provider can be essential to the success of your apprenticeship to make sure both your apprentice and your business reach your combined future potential.

In the UK, you have to hire an external training provider for apprenticeships. To search for training providers in your area, click here.

Training providers do much more than just train your apprentice on a set curriculum, they:

  1. Make sure the apprenticeship is the exact one that your business needs
  2. Tailor the training to make sure the apprentice is getting the necessary skills for your business
  3. Create an appropriate pace of learning for your apprentice
  4. Remain in contact with you to negotiate your businesses’ needs

Whether you are a small or large company, and whether you are starting an apprenticeship for a 16 year old or an adult, deliberating the complexity of your needs against hundreds of different training providers, the choice is far from easy.

We have drawn up 5 critical considerations you should make to help you choose the right training provider for your apprenticeship:

  • Company size and region

    If your business works across numerous different regions, it might be appropriate to find a large training provider that can meet your needs in more than one place. On the other hand, if you are a localised business, it might be more appropriate to choose a local provider who can concentrate on your needs in the area.

  • Quality teaching

    A good technique for finding out if a training provider will provide quality teaching is checking if they have a Curriculum Team, who deal with adapting the teaching to fit your needs. Checking their Ofsted rating is also essential.

  • Accountability

    You want your training provider to have a good set of reporting tools that will allow you to ensure the training is meeting the needs of your apprentice and your business.

  • Reputation

    The training provider should be proactive at engaging in the wider sector, so it should be easy to find evidence of campaigns, events or reviews by customers that show a good understanding of your business needs. An easier way of checking a training providers reputation is seeing if they have gained any awards or accreditations for their work with apprentices. For the FE Choices employer satisfaction survey, detailing employers’ experiences of their training, click here.

  • Culture

    You will be working alongside the training provider, so think like you’re hiring another member of your team. They must align with your company culture and values as they will be imprinting them onto your apprentice, and association with them will have an impact on your company image.