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Whether it be single items or an unlimited supply, a one off purchase or fixed-term contract, with our Bespoke Packages, you can mix and match our services to work for you. Our services include:

Being part of Employing an Apprentice’s employer network can include having dedicated social media posts to introduce your business to our followers. We are always keen to promote and showcase businesses committed to supporting apprentices on their career journey, and social media can be an excellent platform for this.

By paying for a social media post, you know that your message reaches a wide variety of people. Our followers include education institutions, apprentices, training providers, charities, early-careers associations and networks, and other employers.

We offer:

Twitter post: Image/graphic, GIF (animated image), 280 characters of text, hashtags, tagging businesses.

Facebook post: Image/graphic, unlimited text, tagging businesses.

LinkedIn post: Image/graphic, GIF (animated image), unlimited text, hashtags, tagging businesses.

If you chose to buy a social media post, you can work closely with us to select a design and format that works best for your business. We can create and select images, make graphics or digital images and write the text all to your specification.

You could use a social media post to promote an apprenticeship you have posted on Employing an Apprentice, spread awareness of programme you are running, your application for levy transfer, or simply to announce you have joined our apprenticeship network.

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