How Apprenticeships Lead to Full-Time Positions

Written by Luke Kitchen

Job apprenticeships are an increasingly popular way for people to get their foot in the door of a company and experience more hands-on work. Apprenticeships typically last between six months to two years, but apprentices that do well can be offered permanent positions with apprenticeship employers. With apprenticeships, you get the opportunity to explore many different career paths and see what’s best suited for your skills and interests. This article will help you understand how apprenticeships lead into full-time positions and explain why apprenticeships are a great opportunity for anyone looking to get their career started!

The Benefits of Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have many benefits over other entry-level jobs. For example:

  • High success rate of apprentices being hired full-time after completion of the apprenticeship program.
  • Apprentices are given opportunities to explore different career paths within the company which helps them determine if they would be a good fit for that specific position once their apprenticeship is complete.
  • Apprenticeships help apprentices discover their strengths and weaknesses, which helps apprentices make informed decisions about what careers they might want to pursue.
  • Typically, apprentices are paid during their apprenticeship so they can gain experience with hands-on work without having to worry as much about financial issues.

The Potential for Permanent Positions

One of the main benefits of apprenticeships is that the program is designed to train you in a specific role and when completed, you should be equipped to begin that role as a permanent position. Not all companies can provide permanent jobs after the completion of apprenticeships, however, it is common for employers to hire apprentices permanently after the completion of the program. If an employer cannot hire you, you have gained the transferable skills to find a permanent position at another company. Therefore, an apprenticeship is an investment in your future with a likelihood of financial reward as soon as you’ve completed it.

Apprenticeships can also be a great option if you’re unsure about what career you want to pursue. Not only can you be paid to receive qualifications and training, but you could also avoid potentially pursuing the wrong degree at university. Many people feel pressure to pursue a university education when in fact it isn’t what they want to do. An apprenticeship can provide an opportunity to learn skills while taking the time to figure out your main career goals.

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Last Updated: Thursday August 4 2022
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