Here at Employing an Apprentice, it is our fundamental aim to provide you with all the guidance and support you need to take your next step in either recruiting or becoming an apprentice.

Most significantly, we understand that if you are new to the world of technical education, as an employer or a would-be apprentice, it can be complicated.

Alongside our website filled with guidance and information for employers and potential apprentices, we are compiling as many useful resources as we can. As such, we are hopeful that this will help set you on your path to success and reaching your future potential.

Our first resource is the Glossary.

The Glossary will hopefully catch you up to speed with any and all complicated terminology, so you never feel left behind.

Other sources of assistance can be found in the document libraries.

The Employer Document Library provides examples, tips, guidance and templates for any documents you will have to produce in the process of recruiting an apprentice.

Similarly, the Apprentice Document Library is your first port of call before producing any new documents. This library includes tips and guidance for writing your CV and cover letter, whether it is your first time or if you have had little prior success. These documents should give you that leg up to presenting yourself in the best light possible. As we all know, getting started is the hardest step – let us help you with taking it.

If you can think of any improvements or ideas for new pages or documents, make sure to add a suggestion through the link at the bottom of the page.

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