What Does a Business Apprenticeship Involve?

Written by Calvin Bowers

What is a Business Apprenticeship? 

A business apprenticeship is a way to get stuck into the business world without doing a business studies degree or A-Level. Like any other business studies, business apprenticeships cover a wide range of a business’s functions, including accounting, strategy, marketing, and project management. Studying business helps to teach how a business runs productively, considering all business productivity areas.

An apprenticeship combines practical training with work experiences, which is especially helpful in the business world. You can learn the skills and knowledge needed to understand a business from inside of a business. Business apprenticeships often lead to full-time employment and can be a great stepping stone for a career in a broader variety of different businesses. Alternatively,  may also choose to do a business apprenticeship if you already know a particular part of the business you want to work in. For example, if you want to pursue a career in business HR, legal or consultancy.

Some of the skills you will develop through a business apprenticeship of any kind include strong numeracy and arithmetic, communication, teamwork, strategy, planning and problem solving, IT and computer skills, and various administrative skills. These are vital transferable skills that are valuable in any role or industry.

Popular Types of Business Apprenticeships

If you are interested in an apprenticeship in the business of any form, you can use the Employing an Apprentice Standard’s Search Tool to search the 570 apprenticeship standards for a business apprenticeship that is right for you.

Here are some top picks of popular business apprenticeships:

Business Administrator

This apprenticeship will award you with a Level 3 qualification and typically takes 18 months to complete. This apprenticeship is excellent for organised people with a good eye for detail and those who enjoy problem-solving. The role will consist of keeping on top of the day to day running of a business, ensuring operations run efficiently and on time by managing all office administrative tasks. This apprenticeship’s roles prepare you for includes Business Administrator, Receptionist, Office Manager and Data Clerk.

Accounts or Finance Assistant

This intermediate apprenticeship is a level 2 qualification that typically takes 12 months to complete. This is an apprenticeship for those who are interested in a career as a financial accountant. You will gain first-hand accountancy experience in a financial setting, learning skills such as communication, professional support and bookkeeping, and gaining knowledge of the financial functions of an organisation and understand data protection and laws.

Associate Project Manager

This is a level 4 higher apprenticeship. And is an excellent option for people who want to work in overseeing a business rather than in a specific area such as accounts or finance. As a project manager, you will oversee the running of various projects across a whole range of industries. Some of your responsibilities may include managing budgets, liaising with stakeholders and partners, assessing performance and managing staff members.

UK Companies Offering Business Apprenticeships 

Here are some top UK companies that offer business and business-related apprenticeships:

– Sky

– PwC



– BAE Systems


– Nat West

To view live apprenticeship opportunities, have a look at our apprenticeship jobs board.

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Last Updated: Thursday August 4 2022
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