5 Top Tips for Employers: Finding a Suitable Apprentice

Written by Calvin Bowers

Finding the perfect apprentice is not an easy task. Employers need to be vigilant in their search, making sure they are looking for someone who is suitable for the job they’re hiring for and who will fit well into the company’s culture. It can be a tough process, but if you follow these top tips, you’ll find it much easier! 

First, you need to think about what sort of apprentice you’re looking for. Do they have certain skills? Do they have a degree in something relevant? Is there any experience they need before applying for the role? Take some time to consider these questions so that when applications start coming through, you can immediately sift out the ones which are not suitable. Here are our top tips for finding an apprentice: 

1. Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations

You may be looking to hire an apprentice straight from school or university, so you should ask around in your network to see if there are any students who might meet the requirements of the job.

2. Have a Look on Social Media Sites 

There are plenty of apprentice pages on these sites, so make sure to check them out! It will also be worth searching for local apprentice groups who may have events coming up where you can meet apprentices face-to-face.

3. Talk to Your Local Training Provider

See if they can offer some apprentice opportunities in the area. They will be able to recommend people who might fit the bill, so it’s worth making contact with them early on. Don’t forget that you’ll need a minimum of two or three candidates before you make an offer, so speak to lots of different training providers! 

4. Attend Apprentice Open Days

There are many events in the UK where you can meet multiple apprentices all at once, meaning that it will be easier for you to find out more about them and assess their suitability. Your local college or university may host apprentice fairs too – this is definitely something you should look out for.

5. Sign Up for Any Apprentice Schemes in Your Industry

You can’t always guarantee that an apprentice will be suitable for the job role but it’s worth signing up anyway as apprentice scheme roles often receive a lot of interest from employers. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Apprentice

Once you have found the perfect apprentice for your company, it’s time to introduce them to everyone in the office! Making sure that they are welcomed with open arms is important so that they feel comfortable early on. If people are welcoming and friendly towards new employees, this will help them settle into their role quickly so they can start giving their all. 

Once they have settled into the role, it’s important to look for ways that you can get the most out of your apprentice and help them develop skills further in a way that benefits everyone involved. Be flexible with them and ask what kind of tasks they would like to be given so you can make sure they are being challenged and working on projects which are interesting to them. 

If you would like more information about apprentice hiring and its benefits or funding then please get in touch with us, or visit our services page to find out more about how we can help you employ an apprentice. 

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Last Updated: Wednesday May 25 2022
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