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World Youth Skills Day 2021

World Youth Skills Day is a United Nations day that promotes, celebrates and expands skills-based education and training for young people. Celebrated every year on July 15th, the day aims to expand awareness and appreciation for skills development for young people.  The day is a chance for Technical and Vocational ...

Monday July 12 2021|Categories: General Tips|

Introducing Leadership Through Sport and Business (LTSB)

Today we are so proud to bring you an interview with our new partners Leadership Through Sport and Business. They are a social mobility charity and their goal is to support bright and talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve meaningful careers with some of the UK’s top employers. ...

Monday June 28 2021|Categories: General Tips|

Apprenticeship Interview Questions

Going to an interview is always daunting, but there are a few more things to remember for apprenticeships. Given an apprenticeship combines practical experience with off-the-job training, you need to prepare to answer apprenticeship interview questions on various skills and experiences. If you are early on in your career, potentially ...

Monday June 14 2021|Categories: General Tips|

Nursing Apprenticeship Guide

Are you interested in a nursing apprenticeship? Have a read of our helpful guide. While some people still hold the belief that apprenticeships are solely in construction, the reality is hundreds of industries now utilise apprenticeships. This includes many roles in the medical profession, such as nursing. All nursing programmes ...

Monday May 31 2021|Categories: Apprentices, Parents and Teachers|

Which Type of Apprenticeship Is Right for Me?

Why taking the time to assess your options is important Have you been wondering which apprenticeship is right for me?  It’s great that you have decided you want to do an apprenticeship. We firmly believe that everyone, no matter their age or ability, can benefit from learning and training through ...

Friday May 14 2021|Categories: Apprentices|
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