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Apprenticeship Interview Advice

Going for an interview can be daunting. And when it’s for an apprenticeship, there can be a few more things to consider. However, if you try to stay calm and prepare as much as you can, there is no reason why you can’t succeed. If you have managed to secure ...

Thursday April 8 2021|Categories: Apprentices, General Tips|

Apprenticeships in Healthcare

Why choose an apprenticeship in healthcare?  Some of the reasons you may choose to pursue a career in healthcare include an interest in science and scientific knowledge, the ability to empathise and provide care for people. As well as this, you might have an interest in technology and cutting edge ...

Tuesday April 6 2021|Categories: Apprentices|

Engineering Apprenticeships – The Complete 2021 Guide 

Are you considering an apprenticeship in engineering? Take a look at our guide that covers applying, job seeking, insider tips and more! Engineering is a part of the Science and Technology industry that deals with structures, engines and machines. The engineering sector is vast and broad; it covers many roles ...

Thursday March 25 2021|Categories: Apprentices, Employers, General Tips, Parents and Teachers|

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