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New Rules for Apprenticeship Off-The-Job Training 2024

Want to know all the relevant changes and new rules for apprenticeship off-the-job training in 2024? We cover the Department of Education’s recently published “Apprenticeship Funding Rules 2024/2025” and how they’ll affect apprentices, employers, and training providers alike. Perhaps the most significant benefit of apprenticeships is the combination of on-the-job ...

Monday June 3 2024|Categories: Apprentice News, Employer News, Funding, Latest News, Training Provider News|

An Employers Guide To Apprenticeship Funding Rules

Need help understanding the apprenticeship funding rules 23/24? We’re here to help. Apprenticeships offer a fantastic opportunity for businesses in England to build a skilled and qualified workforce right under their own roof. As an employer, you get to bring on new talent, develop expertise specific to your company's needs, ...

Monday April 8 2024|Categories: Employer News, Employers|

Guide To Writing A Winning Apprenticeship Application

So, you’ve decided you want to apply for an apprenticeship, congratulations! Apprenticeships are an excellent alternative to university, providing you with the real-life skills and hands-on experience necessary to succeed in the working world. Before you can get started, however, you’ll need to write a top-class apprenticeship application. This is ...

Monday February 12 2024|Categories: Apprentices, General Tips|
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