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Does an Apprenticeship Count as Full Time Education?

As we approach the beginning of a new school year, many 16-year olds across the country will be considering what they want to do next. Here at Employing an Apprentice we’re determined to champion all students, and all education paths. That’s why we want to explain to you what the ...

Thursday October 7 2021|Categories: General Tips|

Social Work Apprenticeship Guide

As many people know, an apprenticeship is a great way to gain a valuable qualification whilst also getting much-needed work experience and practical training. This is particularly valuable in health and social care, where specific training and qualifications for working with vulnerable people are as necessary as the work experience.  ...

Monday September 27 2021|Categories: Apprentices|

Five Myths About Apprenticeships

One of the major problems surrounding apprenticeships is the amount of misinformation and stereotypes about what they are, who they are for, and why you would do one. For a long time, people have held a particular idea about apprenticeships that no longer reflects reality, meaning not as many people ...

Monday August 30 2021|Categories: Apprentices|

Do I Need Work Experience to do an Apprenticeship?

One common question we hear a lot regarding apprenticeships is whether you need to have work experience before you apply for one. As many apprenticeships are undertaken by school leavers as an alternative to college or university, we recognise that applying for a job may be a completely new experience for some.  ...

Monday August 9 2021|Categories: Apprentices|

Can an Apprentice be Furloughed?

The furlough scheme, also known as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, is the government scheme that supports employers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic to continue paying their staff. The government recently announced that they would be extending this scheme until September 30th 2021.  What is the furlough scheme?   The furlough ...

Monday July 26 2021|Categories: Employers|
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