Recruiting an apprentice for the first time can seem like a daunting process. Many employers worry that it will be a totally different experience to hiring for a standard role. So we have compiled all the information you will need to hire an apprentice into one place, to make this process much easier for you. In this section you will find clear and concise guides to hiring apprentices, so you don’t have to trail through complicated government websites.

Choosing to employ an apprentice can be one of the most rewarding and valuable decisions you make as an employer. You are helping to support the young generation and provide opportunities that they might not otherwise have been available.

Together, we can make a difference.

Where Do You Start?

  • Firstly, we recommend you find out about the benefits of employing an apprentice.

  • For guidance on what funding there is available to employers, and how to claim it, read our apprenticeship funding guide.

  • For those who wish to find assistance from their local council, and to find out if there is any extra funding from the local government for recruiting an apprentice, read our local assistance guide.

  • Learn about training provers, how to find them and how to choose the most suitable one for your business in our training provider guide.

  • Large businesses may already pay into the Apprenticeship Ley. We recommend reading our guide to navigating the complicated Apprenticeship Levy, to find out whether it could support your search for an apprentice.

  • Perhaps you’re looking to find out about one of the government’s new schemes for recruiting young people? We have lots of useful information about The Kickstart Scheme.

To find out how we can help employers like you, visit our guide to our services. Whether it’s through posting your vacancies on our jobs board or writing about your company on our blog, we want to help you to employ an apprentice.