Welcome to the Parent and Teacher Information Hub; here you can find out ways to support young people and students as they look to begin an apprenticeship.

As a guardian or teacher, you play a crucial role in building the confidence of a young person, so they feel able to go out into the world and fulfil their potential. By being knowledgeable about how you can help them, they are more likely to come to you for support and manage this somewhat difficult transition with ease.

Parents and teachers who might want to learn more about what their child or student is going to be embarking on when they start an apprenticeship can utilise these pages. Or if the child or student doesn’t know what they want to do, we can explain the potential benefits of starting an apprenticeship, so that you can help guide them down the right path.

Many teachers and parents forget to explore other avenues outside of the traditional A-Level to Degree route or getting a job after school. If you do not have all the information about a young person’s options, it can be hard to offer informed advice.

Luckily, this website has all the information you need to know about apprenticeships. After reading our advice for parents and teachers, you might want to learn more about: Types of apprenticeships, Reasons to start an apprenticeship, Traineeships, Careers fairs or Work experience. By knowing as much information as possible about apprenticeships, you and your student or child can work things out together, and ensure they are making the right choices.

For Teachers

As a teacher, a student might look to you to find out what career options are available to them. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to make the process of finding and applying for apprenticeships much easier. Our page on Teacher Advice will offer tips on how to connect to businesses and employers who might be interested in employing your students. If you can bring businesses into the school, your students will better understand their career potential and be less intimidated by the prospect of leaving school.

The government offer several schemes and programmes which can help teachers get involved with the apprenticeship process. They have an Apprentices Champions network which offers free advice and support to the schools of exceptional individuals working hard at an apprenticeship. The government also offers guidance on how to get speakers into the school to motivate students into choosing an apprenticeship. The Apprenticeship support and knowledge for school’s project can offer information sessions to pupils in year 10 to year 13.

Go to our Work Experience Guide for Schools and College for more practical ways to help students get a foot in the door.

For Parents

Our guidance page for parents offers advice on how to support the emotional and wellbeing needs of a student as they take this next step in their career. Leaving the comfort and familiarity of school, college, or university can be a tough transition for young people. The more their parents understand and support the next stage in their education or work life, the easier this transition will be.

We want you as parents to know the benefits of doing an apprenticeship, from the salary to the training offered, so you can reassure your child that they are taking a brilliant step in their career. There are misconceptions about the standard and quality of apprenticeships, but we are here to show you the facts, such as the statistic that 90% of apprentices stay on in full-time work after the apprenticeship!

Read our guidance for parents and teacher information here.

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Parents and Teachers