An apprenticeship agreement is a compulsory form that must be signed by both the apprentice and employer.

All employers that offer apprenticeships are required complete an apprenticeship agreement with their apprentice before the apprenticeship commences. The apprenticeship agreement confirms the employment arrangements between the apprentice and employer. These include:

  • The apprenticeship standard connected to the apprenticeship;
  • The dates during which the apprenticeship is expected to take place, including the start and end dates for the practical period; and
  • The planned amount of time provided by the employer to the apprentice for off-the-job training.

Off-the-job training is defined as the training which is received by the apprentice, during the apprentice’s regular working hours, for the purpose of achieving the apprenticeship standard. It differs from the on-the-job training received by the apprentice which aims to enable the apprentice to perform the work relating to the apprenticeship effectively.

An apprenticeship agreement does not take long to complete. This simple form can be worked through in under half an hour with your apprentice. It is simple, clear and straightforward to understand. This will help to ensure both your business and apprentice, are fully informed of the agreements they are committing to before signing.

Once completed and signed by both the employer and apprentice, the employer is required to keep the agreement for the duration of the apprenticeship. A copy must also be provided to the apprentice and the training provider.

To find out more about the specific regulations associated with apprenticeship agreements, and access an apprenticeship agreement template, visit the dedicated government website. While it is not mandatory to use the template provided, we strongly recommend using this government provided template. Completing this template will help ensure your business meets the apprenticeship agreement requirements set by the government.