Advertise an Apprenticeship – How to Find Your Target Audience

Written by Calvin Bowers

As a business considering running an apprenticeship there are all kinds of considerations to work out, from how to find a training provider to figuring out how apprenticeship funding and End Point Assessments fit into the process. Thinking about how to advertise an apprenticeship is important as well.

It is understandable that trying something new within a business can be a learning curve and there is a lot to take on board when starting an apprenticeship programme from scratch but the rewards are well worth the level of effort that is required. 

There are a great many things to take into account when planning out a new apprenticeship but many companies don’t put enough consideration into how they will attract the best apprentices to work with them. Some don’t take the need to advertise an apprenticeship seriously enough and then wonder why they can’t find the right candidate to move forward with. This is one of the steps that can help to either make or break your apprenticeship offering and we have compiled some useful tips for you.

How to Reach Your Target Audience

There are several ways to reach the school-leaver audience who are the most interested in applying for an apprenticeship and these can include taking a stall at a careers fair in your local area and advertising on apprenticeship-specific job boards.  

The Benefits of Attending a Careers Fair

One of the best ways to raise the profile of your company amongst the demographic who are looking to start their apprenticeship in the near future is to attend a careers fair. This is beneficial because you are able to engage with potential candidates face-to-face and talk to them about what it is that you are offering. 

The knowledge exchanged at these can help potential apprentices to better understand what the role entails and it can also be helpful to get a better idea of the personalities of some of the people who are interested in applying. 

One of the most important things you can do when attending a careers fair is to swap contact information with potential prospects as some of these people could make it onto the shortlist for interviewing for your apprenticeship. It can be difficult to always get the full scope of a person’s abilities and potential from a single meeting and many young people may be excellent prospects but lack the confidence to show this straight away. 

Take the time to talk to them and try to put them at their ease so that they open up a little and give you an idea of what they can do or what they may be able to contribute to your company with the correct mentorship and encouragement. 

Following up afterwards is the most vital step in this process as it will allow you to ascertain who was genuinely interested, and perhaps arrange an interview or for them to send in more information about themselves so that you can decide on the next steps in your recruitment process from a position of knowledge. 

How to Advertise an Apprenticeship on Apprenticeship Jobs Boards

When you are thinking about how best to reach young people who are interested in finding out more about apprenticeships, it stands to reason that they will be looking at dedicated apprenticeship jobs boards so it makes sense to advertise an apprenticeship using them. 

Here at Employing an Apprentice, we offer several different tailored services for employers that allow the targeting of potential apprentices directly. As one of the most popular online portals for information about apprenticeships, we can help both employers and apprentices find what they are looking for, both in terms of more general information regarding apprenticeships and how to find the one that suits them the best. 

The assistance that we offer to employers starts at the job advert inclusivity screening level. This is where we have our team of experts take a look at the proposed job advert and ensure that there is nothing in it that may act as a deterrent for people from different backgrounds submitting an application. 

Particular choices of phrasing and the nuances that they have to certain communities may not be immediately obvious to you but can sometimes make all the difference in determining whether or not people from a diverse range of backgrounds apply. 

Taking this step allows you to ensure that the widest possible pool of candidates can feel comfortable applying for an apprenticeship with your organisation.

We are able to offer a featured news post if you have a big announcement to make in the apprenticeship arena. We are more than happy to draft around 600 words around the subject of your choice and highlight it on our popular apprenticeship website. 

This is a great way of reaching a large number of people who are interested in everything to do with apprenticeships, from people who are potential apprentices to employees of your competitors who may see your company as a better option. Given that employee retention has become such an important part of the employment landscape due to the skills gaps in the UK workforce, it makes sense to position your company at the forefront of its industry in this way. 

It is also possible to purchase an e-shot promotion that will allow you to have your information sent to our extensive email list. Our content writers will happily work with you to tailor and optimise the text and images to present what you want to say in the best light. This service can reach many would-be apprentices or it can serve to promote your business more generally and raise awareness of your brand. 

Perhaps the simplest way to really boost your chances of landing an excellent apprentice is to buy Apprenticeship Job Vacancy Credits for our acclaimed apprenticeship jobs board. This allows your apprenticeship to be featured and shown to more of the website visitors in order to boost your reach amongst your target audience. This is a simple step to take and one that can produce excellent results, yielding high-quality apprenticeship candidates who will be an excellent fit for your vacancy.

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Last Updated: Wednesday November 16 2022
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