Apprenticeship Opportunities in IT

Written by Calvin Bowers

The Digital and Tech sectors are growing faster and larger than any other industry in the history of the world. In the UK, they are growing 2.6 times faster than the general economy.

This is the result of the rapid development of automation, AI and online products. These can develop so quickly because of the unprecedented technological development of data, including its storage and use. In turn, seeking employment in the Digital and Tech sectors will land you a career for life.

Other industries are not looking so good; due to the rise of automation and AI, research suggests that up to 35% of current jobs will vanish by 2030. That’s why 47% of experienced professionals in the UK are feeling unfulfilled in their current occupations. The prospects they once had are rapidly diminishing, leading to tens of thousands to make the switch to the Digital and Tech industries.

Why an Apprenticeship?

Whether you are one of those feeling the brunt of automation in your industry, or you are just starting on your career path, you want to know the best way into IT. That’s where apprenticeships come in, which have also had a rapid development in recent years.

The offer of a full-time wage, all of your training paid for and learning the exact skills and experience you need to excel in your career makes finding an apprenticeship a no-brainer. If you don’t know much about modern apprenticeships, you should read our guide on what they are and the reasons to start one.

What Apprenticeships Are There in the Digital and Tech Sectors?

In recent months, the government has sought to improve the quality and consistency of apprenticeships by creating apprenticeship standards. There are currently 31 different apprenticeship standards from the digital sector, at levels 3 to 7.

This number is increasing every month, with six more currently in development. Additionally, many courses include specialisations that increase the variety on offer. Here are just a few examples:

Infrastructure Technician (Level 3): This apprenticeship involves repairing and maintaining hardware to ensure that companies keep running smoothly.

Software Developer (Level 4): In this course, you will learn how to interpret specifications for building and testing high-quality code.

Cyber Security Analyst (Level 4): This apprenticeship will teach you about network security, threat detection, and incident response.

Creative Digital Design Professional (Level 6): This is an integrated degree where the apprentice produces digital design concepts and solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Specialist (Level 7): At the forefront of world technology, this 24-month apprenticeship will teach you how to develop artificial intelligence solutions. This includes supporting business processes or analysing and enhancing human decision-making.


This All Sounds Great, But Where Will the Apprenticeship Take Me in My Career?

All the largest enterprises in the world require all of these roles within their companies. Such businesses include Amazon, IBM, Google, Facebook and many more. Furthermore, many industries are adopting these solutions to survive in the rapidly changing economy, so the possibilities are endless.

In addition to this, you will acquire qualifications upon completion, setting you up to expand and develop your role in a range of companies.

If you would like more information on apprenticeships, read through our dedicated guides for apprentices.

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Last Updated: Sunday April 16 2023
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