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Internal Audit Practitioner

Inspecting an organisations procedures, records and practices to evaluate their effectiveness, reliability and potential risk.


The internal audit practitioner was approved for delivery on 22/06/2018. This Higher apprenticeship standard awards you with a level 4, qualification when completed. The usual duration of this apprenticeship is 18 months, but this does not include the End-Point Assessment Period.

What the course covers

An audit is a formal process of checking or inspecting an area within a company to analyse its functionality and productivity. This apprenticeship introduces you to the role of audit practitioner by facilitating time within the part of an organisation that is being audited. By conducting face to face interviews, analysing data and other forms of information collection, you will research the practices and procedures to make an accurate evaluation. The goal is to provide objective assurance and consultancy to improve a business’s operations.

Apprentices will train in locating risks and vulnerabilities within a business; this might be a system which has a considerable risk of failure, or a cybersecurity issue. Whatever conclusions you make, you will report to the audit management, usually run by an internal audit professional. The knowledge you will learn throughout the apprenticeship will ensure you feel confident with the commercial processes of a business, understanding both internal and external transactions. As well as this, apprentices will have an excellent working knowledge of corporate governance and risk management, to ensure you can handle complex topics, such as fraud or workplace culture, with ease.

Careers and jobs associated

  • Internal Audit Practitioner
  • Internal Audit Professional
  • Accounting Audit.

If you would like to find out more about the internal audit practitioner apprenticeship standard, skills, learnt, assessment methods and duties of the role, visit the Institute for Apprenticeships.

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