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Internal Audit Professional

An expert position in the field of internal audit; providing objective consultancy to improve an organisation’s internal procedures.


This Higher internal audit professional apprenticeship standard will provide you with a level 7, non-degree qualification qualification. This apprenticeship standard was approved on the 08/08/2018 and typically takes 36 months to complete. However, it is important to note that the duration of the apprenticeship standard stated does not include the End-Point Assessment period.

What the course covers

This apprenticeship is a training programme for a managerial position in the area of internal audits. Internal audit professionals are highly competent and can make significant beneficial contributions to the running of a business. You will provide challenging and provoking insights into an organisation whilst maintaining objective professionalism and an ethical standpoint.

An internal audit professional conducts independent research within a business, to highlight its areas of risk or ineffective systems. The purpose of the role is to support an organisation in reaching its goals by providing disciplined judgements and evaluations on procedural governance. It is an impartial role which develops your organisational strategy and business methodology skills. You will learn to be a good leader of a team of Internal Audit Practitioners, managing conflict and allocating positions within a large project.

You will understand the internal and external processes of a business, such as transactions, sales, measurements for success, and more, to evaluate how effectively a company is reaching its potential. You will learn and develop analysis and problem-solving skills to benchmark the organisation against its competitors and advise on systems to improve.

Careers and jobs associated

  • Internal Audit Professional
  • Accounting Audit

Visit the internal audit professional apprenticeship standard, on the Institute for Apprenticeships site, to find further information on skills and knowledge learnt, assessment methods and more.

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