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Probate Technician

Working with a probate practitioner to dispense a deceased person’s estate


The probate technician was approved for delivery on 06/12/2017. This Higher apprenticeship standard awards you with a level 4, qualification when completed. The usual duration of this apprenticeship is 18 months, but this does not include the End-Point Assessment Period.

What the course covers

As every estate varies from person to person, the role will change every day. Success in the apprenticeship opens you up to working on a range of standard matters within probate law.

The apprentice will learn a range of skills whilst carrying out the jobs given to them. These include understanding and applying the commercial practices of their employer, utilising a range of digital technology, learning and working with probate law, and all the applicable regulations to which all those working in the field must adhere.

There are numerous skills and behaviours that a probate technician must acquire to flourish in the role. You will have to work with customers going through an especially difficult emotional period. As such, being empathetic, patient and supportive is essential. The job entails lots of financial administration, so strong numeracy, administration and digital skills will be critical. Failure to accurately complete documentation could be significantly damaging. As such, accountability and pride in accuracy and high-quality work will be crucial to achieving the apprenticeship.

Careers and jobs associated

  • Probate Technician
  • Probate Practitioner

If you would like to find out more about the probate technician apprenticeship standard, skills, learnt, assessment methods and duties of the role, visit the Institute for Apprenticeships.

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