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Senior Professional Economist

Carry out economic analysis through designing, implementing and leading programmes to support decision making.


This Degree senior professional economist apprenticeship standard will provide you with a level 7, integrated degree qualification. This apprenticeship standard was approved on the 20/12/2019 and typically takes 24 months to complete. However, it is important to note that the duration of the apprenticeship standard stated does not include the End-Point Assessment period.

What the course covers

This apprenticeship takes place in government, regulators including energy and telecoms, consultancies, and other businesses such as banks.

This apprenticeship will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to design, implement and lead programmes of economic analysis to deliver advice that supports decision making in businesses.

You will present advice in various forms, including models demonstrating relationships between key variables, businesses cases, or written reports outlining the economic implications of a particular decision or action. Understandably this will require in-depth, advanced financial knowledge to predict the outcomes of future situations.

You will be required to undertake research to assess specific markets, as you will usually operating in challenging business environments where an in-depth understanding of the broader context is crucial.

This apprenticeship will present the need to interact with the likes of lawyers, senior managers, ministers and other specialists. A typical day would involve client visits, project management task, overseeing and conducting analysis and commissioning work from others. This will include working individually and as part of a team, whether that is working within or leading others.

Careers and jobs associated

  • Senior Professional Economist
  • Economic Advisor
  • Economic Consultant
  • Senior Economist

Visit the senior professional economist apprenticeship standard, on the Institute for Apprenticeships site, to find further information on skills and knowledge learnt, assessment methods and more.

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