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Storyboard Artist

Create storyboards to visualise the story, narrative and scenes within a production.


Approved for delivery on the 03/02/2020, the storyboard artist, Higher apprenticeship standard provides a level 7, non-degree qualification upon completion. This apprenticeship will typically take 18 months to complete, not including the End-Point Assessment Period.

What the course covers

This apprenticeship is based within creative media industries including TV, film, animation, gaming and advertising.

You will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to create storyboards to convey the story and narrative for games, film and TV to clients, stakeholders and colleagues.

This role will be required within the first phases of production to translate scripts and brief into illustrations. With this in mind, a Storyboard Artist needs to be highly skilled and creative to demonstrated staging and action across the proposed scenes of a production.

You will be responsible for preparing storyboards, possibly in a variety of media. Traditionally they would have been on paper with a pencil or pen but may be created digitally nowadays depending on the needs of the production. The storyboards will include a range of aspects including an indication of dialogue, camera movements and character performance.

With this in mind, a sufficient understanding of camera movements will be necessary, as you will need to know how to frame your illustrations and avoid any potential errors.

This role will require communication with directors, producers, scriptwriters and other individuals involved in the production. You will usually work in an office environment but may include unsociable hours or irregular working patterns depending on the location and time zone of the project.

Careers and jobs associated

  • Storyboard Artist

If you would like to find out more about this apprenticeship standard, including possible duties of the role, skills and assessment method visit the Institute for Apprenticeships.

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