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Systems Thinking Practitioner

Providing support to decision-makers in leadership roles who need assistance addressing complex problems.


The systems thinking practitioner was approved for delivery on 13/05/2020. This Higher apprenticeship standard awards you with a level 7, non-integrated degree qualification when completed. The usual duration of this apprenticeship is 30 months, but this does not include the End-Point Assessment Period.

What the course covers

This apprenticeship can be based in a wide number of businesses where cross-boundary collaboration to solve a problem is needed. Examples of organisations where STP’s are found include local and central government, education, health services, defence, financial services, non-governmental organisations and social enterprises.

You will be responsible for providing support to decision makers in leadership positions to assist them in understanding and addressing complex problems. This will require a level of expert analysis, facilitation and advice.

The problems you will be helping to solve will have no single cause or simple solution, requiring multi-organisational input, paying particular attention to a diverse range of behaviour, culture, viewpoints and politics.

It is important to acknowledge that although the role is to help solve problems, you will not be directly responsible for creating solutions, your role is to assist decisions-makers in making the decision themselves. You will achieve this through facilitating collaboration, using your knowledge and skills to assist individuals in understanding their challenges, options and the most suitable way forward.

In this role you will interact with many different individuals on a daily basis. This will include the decision-makers you are assisting, individuals in senior roles, peers, consultants, public-sector organisations and more. You will be expected to have a high level of autonomy, taking responsibility for your work and having the ability to actively engage with the appropriate individuals.

Careers and jobs associated

  • Systems Thinking Practitioner
  • System Change Lead
  • Systemic Designer
  • Transformation Lead.

If you would like to find out more about the systems thinking practitioner apprenticeship standard, skills, learnt, assessment methods and duties of the role, visit the Institute for Apprenticeships.

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