Apprenticeships vs. Internships: Which is Right for You?

Written by Luke Kitchen

Apprenticeships and internships can be an excellent way for young people to get their foot in the door of an industry they are passionate about. They often provide opportunities to work alongside experts, gain valuable experience and develop skills that will help them find a job after graduation. However, what is the difference between apprenticeships and internships? This article will be exploring the differences to help you determine the best choice for you! 


Apprenticeships allow people to work alongside experts and gain the necessary experience to get their foot in the door of a career they are passionate about. Apprenticeships typically last between one and four years – depending on what industry they’re in – during which time you will receive training from experienced professionals while earning a wage. 

Apprenticeships are a great opportunity for learning what a particular profession is like before committing to what can be a long-term career. This way, you know what to expect, and if the work environment isn’t what you expected, it could influence your decision on whether or not to continue with that path in life. 

Many people choose to pursue an apprenticeship because they are guaranteed entry-level employment with the company once the apprenticeship is complete. Additionally, you might be offered job security for at least two years of your career after completing an apprenticeship. Every apprenticeship is different and largely dependent on the employer, however, there are some competitive advantages to apprenticeships. 


Internships typically last between one and six months, although they can be shorter or longer depending on what the internship entails. Like an apprenticeship, you will work alongside professionals while receiving training from experienced employees in a particular industry. In exchange for this experience, most internships do not pay their interns. 

Internships are beneficial because they provide an opportunity to build your network, gain experience in what you’re passionate about, and can help shape what path you want to take in life. For example, if the work environment isn’t what you expected, it might influence whether or not you pursue a career within that industry. Furthermore, employers typically prefer students who have completed an internship or some other work experience within their field of study. 

The lack of pay for internships can be a downside to some people, especially if you need to earn money while gaining experience in what interests you. If this is the case, it might be worth considering pursuing an apprenticeship instead. 

Which Is Right for You? 

Both apprenticeships and internships provide the opportunity for valuable work experience in your chosen field. One of the main differences is that apprenticeships are paid, and internships typically are not (some employers do offer paid internships). This will likely impact your decision in a big way. 

You should also consider what your long-term goals are and what kind of experience is right for you. If having some sort of guarantee that you’ll be offered a job after completing an apprenticeship appeals to you, it might be best suited to your needs. However, if building your network and gaining what interests you is more important, an internship might be the right choice! 

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Last Updated: Wednesday May 25 2022
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