Can I Do an Apprenticeship When I’m Older?

Written by Luke Kitchen

Apprenticeships can be a great way to learn new skills and how to work in general. You might think that they are only for young people, but this is not true – there are apprenticeships available to all ages! This article will discuss how you can do an apprenticeship when you’re older and how mature apprenticeships work in the UK.

Who is Eligible for an Apprenticeship?

Anyone over the age of 16 can do an apprenticeship. There are plenty of apprenticeships available to older people. The average age for an apprentice is around 23, which means that there are opportunities for those who have taken a career break or wish to learn how to do something new without quitting their current job. Apprenticeships can help you gain valuable skills and knowledge in your chosen field while still earning a salary.

How do Mature Apprenticeships Work?

In the UK, an apprentice should be paid at least minimum wage for their age (if you are 25+, this will likely be £18,000 p/a). This pay rate may vary depending on your particular industry and how much experience you have within that field. Mature apprenticeships are the same as standard apprenticeships, except that you must be 25 or older to do one. There were over 50,000 mature apprentices in the UK last year (Parliament UK). The UK government wants more people over the age of 30 to take up apprenticeships to gain valuable skills and knowledge in their chosen field.

Apprenticeships Typically Consist of Three Parts:

  • Classroom training (you will spend 20% of your time in the classroom).
  • On-the-job learning (working alongside experienced professionals, you can do up to 50% of this part yourself).
  • Individual study (the remaining 30%).

An apprenticeship typically lasts for between one and four years. The length of the apprenticeship will depend on how much experience you have and how quickly you learn new skills.

What are the Benefits of Doing an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships can give you a real advantage in today’s competitive job market. If you are already working, doing an apprenticeship will help to improve your skills and how you work. It can also provide entry-level training for those who wish to enter the workforce but do not have a degree or other formal qualifications.

It’s also possible to do an apprenticeship part-time. Therefore, you don’t have to leave your current job if you wish not to. The length of the apprenticeship will depend on how much experience you have already (if any). Therefore, how quickly you progress will depend on how much work you can fit into your schedule.

Mature apprenticeships are available for those who are 25 or older. If you have some experience in the industry and you wish to receive an apprenticeship qualification, this could be a great way to gain more qualifications without quitting your job!

To find out more about mature apprenticeships, check out Employing an Apprentice! See available apprenticeship opportunities here!

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Last Updated: Thursday August 4 2022
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