Can I Use the Apprenticeship Levy to Train Current Staff?

Written by Calvin Bowers

As an employer, are you wondering if you can use the Apprenticeship Levy to train current staff? Find out more information with our in-depth guide.

Yes. If you are an Apprenticeship Levy payer, you can use your Apprenticeship Levy to train current staff. Although the Apprenticeship Levy is excellent at encouraging new staff members to be taken on board, it is equally beneficial for closing your companies skills gap with existing employees.

Why Use the Levy to Train Existing Members of Staff?

The Apprenticeship Levy requires those with an annual pay bill of £3 million or over to pay a Levy of 0.5% for every pound in wages over £3 million. For a more detailed explanation for how much you might have to pay into the Apprenticeship Levy, see our detailed guide, Calculating the Apprenticeship Levy.

Given that paying into the Levy is compulsory, if you are not interested in taking on new staff training, existing members of staff is a great way to upskill your workforce. Even better, there are no specific apprenticeship levy course or training providers; they work within the regular apprenticeship courses, which now provide qualifications up to and including master’s degrees.

To browse these courses, see our apprenticeship standard search tool.

How are Apprenticeships Beneficial for Staff Already Employed with Your Business?

There are many benefits to taking on an apprentice. For existing staff, research suggests it rejuvenates their commitment to the company and provides a fresh outlook on their role. Furthermore, both the staff member and the company benefit as the employee acquires real qualifications whilst earning a wage, continuing their job whilst the business closes their skills-gap.

Given the speed at which industry is changing today, all industries are facing growing skills gaps. This means that companies must pay attention to solutions such as paying for training through their Levy.


How Many Staff Members Per Company Can Become an Apprentice?2022-03-11T16:27:18+00:00

There are no restrictions on the number of staff members can become apprentices. In fact, the government is encouraging business to take as many people on as apprentices as possible. This is because they believe it is the best solution for closing the UK economy’s growing skills gap.

They are incentivising this through extra funding for every apprentice you take on. To see the specifics of what funding is available and how to access it, see our guide on funding.

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Last Updated: Wednesday May 25 2022
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