Covid-19 and Careers Support with WorldSkills UK

Written by Calvin Bowers

Earlier this month, students up and down the country returned to school and college for the first time this year. While this decision was welcomed and celebrated by those throughout the education community, it also sparked a conversation about what students have lost in the months of closure.

One of the most significant losses for young people has been the lack of careers advice, coaching and resources. Not only have pupils missed out on access to careers advice, but also their absence from the school environment means many have not been exposed to opportunities for skills development and confidence building.

Employing an Apprentice was established to meet the growing need for more comprehensive online careers recourses for young people. And specifically, resources dedicated to careers paths that promote skill-based learning, such as apprenticeships. On our website, you can find guides to understanding apprenticeships, as well as live opportunities, and a whole network of apprenticeship positive employers.

WorldSkills UK

Today we are here to tell you about one of our partners who has gone above and beyond to support students during Covid-19. WorldSkills UK is part of a global network that supports skills education for young people. They provide high-quality careers resources, develop excellence at their skills competitions, and push to improve teaching and training standards across the UK.

Their competitions are a way to raise the standards of skills education in the UK while giving young people and adults the chance to test their skills against others and compete for a place in the UK National Finals. The skills tested at these competitions are derived straight from real-world industry-based scenarios, ensuring that young people are learning the skills they will need for work.

Spotlight Talks

Like us, WorldSkills UK believes that the answer to the growing economic and unemployment crisis is through skills-focused employment such as apprenticeships and technical education. One way they are promoting these career routes is through their Spotlight Talks: Inspiring Careers Excellence. The Spotlight Talks are a series of events, with the next session taking place on the 24th and 25th of March 2021, which will inspire young people of all backgrounds to consider progressing their career through technical education.

There are fifteen different talks across the two days, each focusing on a different industry, skill or service. You will hear from industry experts about what it’s like to work in that field and how an apprenticeship or other vocational training could help you get there.

This event comes after the enormous success of their first Spotlight talks, which saw 115,000 registrants. After their first event, 78% of young people said they felt inspired by the careers talks, and 79% of educators felt they were in a better position to advise students after attending. This level of success highlights the quality of the WorldSkills UK event and the need for this kind of support during Covid-19. It’s essential that young people feel inspired and enthused about their future after an extremely challenging year! 

WorldSkills UK Spotlight Talks: Employing an Apprentice’s Top Picks 

  • 25th March 9.10 am – 9.35 am: Digital sports competitions using video games with British Esports Association.
  • 25th March 11.30 am – 11.50 am: Becoming a Firefighter through an apprenticeship with the National Fire Chiefs Council.
  • 24th March 11.30 am-12.30 pm: Engineering Careers with the Royal Navy.

To find out more information about WorldSkills UK Spotlight Talks and register for the event, visit their website.

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Last Updated: Thursday August 4 2022
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