How to Get More Applicants for Your Listing

Written by Calvin Bowers

Were you wondering how you can get more applicants for your apprenticeship listing? Take a look at our in-depth guide to maximising your listings.

Hiring an apprentice can be time-consuming and expensive, you don’t want to have spent weeks arranging the logistics of the apprenticeship scheme to fall short on the details you decided to include in the listing.

How Can You Advertise Your Apprenticeship to Attract Relevant Applicants?

Every apprentice and apprenticeship is different, such that there is no definitive guide on how to get an apprentice. However, there are specific tactics you can take to cover as many bases as possible.

Although you may have access to the free government apprenticeship board, it has a diminished reach into critical audiences. As such, these listings often return a plethora of inappropriate candidates. Instead, you should consider what audience you are seeking to attract and find a way to target them specifically.

With our site, we specifically target secondary and tertiary educational institutions to ensure our jobs board is reaching the candidates with the best potential impact on your company.

Effective Ways to Recruit an Apprentice Using Your Listings

One of the most significant problems employers of all sizes face when considering starting an apprenticeship is knowing how to recruit an apprentice. Modern acquisition of candidates revolves around advertising job listings.

Considering the perspective of your applicant will help you identify and encourage the right people to apply. If you are looking for someone who has recently left secondary education, mentioning how the workplace or the role is appropriate to them will make them feel like they are suited to the role.

When writing the description of your listing, you must recognise that how you recruit an apprentice is different to how you recruit a typical employee.

Such an employee will likely have years of real work experience and will understand the general requirements of the role. With an apprentice, this could be their first step into a form of employment. See the following FAQ for some specific examples of what to include.

What Sort of Things Do I Need to Include in My Listing?2022-03-11T16:09:49+00:00

Many will not have worked in a real working environment, and so being as specific as possible about the weekly activities and tasks, the better.

Apprenticeships are often confusing for employers, never-mind the candidate. Be specific about the details of the contract; what is their hourly and monthly wage, how many hours they will be doing and where? Given that they will likely be spending a certain amount of time training in a second location, finding the details from your training provider is essential.

The candidate will also be considering the long-term prospects of taking on the role, so detailing how long the apprenticeship is supposed to last and whether or not it is likely they will acquire a job at the end of it is widely appreciated. You can significantly increase the number of applications to your listing by prioritising credibility. Achieve this by detailing how many apprenticeships your organisation has managed, including the percentage that continued into employment with you.

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Last Updated: Friday May 5 2023
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