How to Help Your Child Find an Apprenticeship

Written by Calvin Bowers

Young people and school leavers often feel bombarded with career information; it can be tempting to ignore all the advice because there is too much to take in. You can help them as a parent by first doing your research.

Apprenticeships are an excellent option for young people who want to start work but don’t want to stop learning. There are many misconceptions and stereotypes about apprenticeships, which leaves many parents apprehensive and confused about what they are. For an apprenticeship information guide for parents, visit our website.

If you think they would be a good option for your child after you have researched apprenticeships, you can sit down with them and help them find an apprenticeship that is right for them. This blog will give you some easy and practical ways to help your child find an apprenticeship.

Ways to Help Your Child Find the Perfect Apprenticeship

Show Them Their Strengths

It can be challenging for young people to recognise their own strengths and interests. One great way to help them find an apprenticeship is by helping them to find out what they enjoy and what they might want to do in their career. When they have worked this out, their search will be much easier.

Go with Them to Careers Events

Many careers events have gone virtual this year, but that doesn’t mean you can support your child while going to one. Help them to prepare questions for the companies, think about who they might want to talk to, and most importantly, make time for a conversation after the event to see how it went. Hopefully, there will be more in-person careers and apprenticeship events in the second half of 2021 that you can attend with them.

Use our Helpful Guide

Employing an Apprentice recently published a complete guide to finding an apprenticeship. It advises on work experience, finding the right path for you, understanding apprenticeship standards and apprenticeship levels. This guide is primarily for future apprentices, but it’s beneficial to anyone who is supporting somebody searching for an apprenticeship. You can find that guide here.

Research Businesses that Might Offer Apprenticeships

If you want to get involved in your child’s research, you could have a look at some businesses and companies that offer apprenticeships. Chances are you are going to know about more local and national businesses than your child. Most large businesses will have a ‘careers’ section on their website; here, you will be able to search for early-careers opportunities, including apprenticeships.

If you are worried about apprenticeship wages, have a read of our guide ‘Will my child make enough money on an apprenticeship’?

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Last Updated: Tuesday June 28 2022
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