It’s frustrating when your apprenticeship search ends in no suitable jobs. Whilst sometimes it may genuinely be the case there are no results, a lot of the time, it could be down to a technical reason why little to no results are coming up on our Apprenticeship Jobs Board.

What are the Technical Reasons a Search Might Have No Results?

1. How an Employer Has Uploaded a Job Vacancy

When an apprenticeship employer uploads a job vacancy, they must manually select the filters that they’d like to apply to their role. So, this could result in two main discrepancies being:

  • If the Employer chooses not to select a filter at all, a jobseeker will not be able to filter a job vacancy by that filter.
  • If the Employer chooses the wrong filter, a job vacancy will appear in the incorrect filter selection.

A common example of this issue is where an apprentice employer chooses not to select a ‘Salary’ filter. This may mean that even though the hourly rate or salary is clearly displayed in the job advert, it will not appear when you select a corresponding ‘Salary’ filter within the search options.

2. Too Many Filters Selected

Every time a filter is selected it’s narrowing down the total apprenticeship jobs available, as the filters work on a ‘must have’ basis not an ‘either, or’ basis.

So, for example, if a Location and then four filters are selected, only jobs which have each one of the five of these options will appear meaning the number of results will reduce substantially.

Top tip – Select a maximum of two filters at any one time to maximise search results. 

3. Filter Broken

On a website with so many moving parts, it’s quite often the case that a filter is broken, meaning it will give you little or no results when it’s selected by default.

We do run automatic and manual tests on our Apprenticeship Jobs Board every day but that doesn’t mean we can capture everything. If you suspect a filter is broken, we’d encourage you to get in touch and let us know about the issue so we can investigate.

What Will Give Me the Best Chance of Getting Search Results?

Whilst there is no exact science that what will yield the best search results, here are some tips which should help maximise your chances of finding your dream apprenticeship and avoid the technical issues we’ve referred to above:

  • Select as few filters as possible when searching for jobs
  • Use different combinations of filters to try find jobs
  • Try variations of a particular keyword/description when looking for jobs
  • Bear in mind that some jobs in your location might not show up as they’re classed as remote, online or homeworking career opportunities


1. How Would I Know If a Filter is Broken?

A. It may be difficult to know if a filter is broken or there’s another reason no results are showing. If you suspect it’s broken, we’d encourage you to get in touch so we can investigate.

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