Remote Apprenticeships

Even before the Covid pandemic, many people were looking at how they could make the switch to working remotely, either from home or from cafes and coworking spaces. There were a variety of reasons for this from the length of commute into work, to environmental or financial considerations. The pandemic boosted the speed of change and it is now possible to find apprenticeships that will allow you to work remotely rather than join them on-site. 

Why Choose a Remote Apprenticeship?

As learning providers like the Open University have shown over a number of decades, remote learning is effective and can be slotted in around other commitments. Some people who want to become apprentices may also be carers for family members and might not be able to physically leave them alone during certain time periods during the day. Some potential apprentices may have young children and have to fit it in around their needs. Many wouldn’t have been able to do an in-person apprenticeship for these reasons. 

Remote work makes all of this possible and also brings people in rural communities with poor transport links in from the cold and allows them to participate fully in the educational and apprenticeship space for the first time. This reduces the feeling of being socially excluded and allows for the learning of relevant skills without having to commute large distances every day. 

What Kind of Apprenticeships Are Available Remotely?

Understandably, many of the companies who have embraced remote apprenticeships most vigorously are those who make use of computer technology most in their work. Fields such as IT Support and Digital Marketing tend to be some of the most commonly represented in the remote apprenticeship space. This is because the skills that they need don’t necessarily equate to things that can only be learned in an office. 

Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

This is an apprenticeship that can take place entirely online as that is how the digital marketing business operates. You are likely to be given a login to some collaboration software like Hubspot or so that everyone in your team can keep up to speed on where they are. You may be given access to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools as well such as Ahrefs or SEMRush and can be guided in their use via video tutorials or Zoom calls. 

It is also highly likely that you will be taught to use the WordPress content management system that powers millions of websites.

IT Support Apprenticeships

The vast majority of IT support can actually be done off-site. There is a reason that the cliche about IT support being 90% someone asking “Have you tried turning it off and back on” has made it into popular culture. Apprenticeships in this area will usually rely on the remote technical support aspects. 

This means you will be taught how to use remote software to access the other user’s computer and manipulate their settings to resolve any issues they are having. You will be taught how to install, configure and uninstall all manner of software including drivers for printers and Microsoft Office. You will learn how to map network drives and ensure that the user is able to connect to the correct hardware, so their documents aren’t printed on a different floor of the building.

Finding a Remote Apprenticeship

Once you have decided that you would like to opt for a remote apprenticeship, you can go to a dedicated apprenticeship jobs board and search the listings. It is also possible to visit the UK Government apprenticeship site and search there. 

At Employing an Apprentice we are keen to help you to find your ideal apprenticeship. Apply for a remote apprenticeship today and take the first step on the career path of your choosing.

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