Carpenter Apprenticeships

If you excelled at woodwork at school and want to get into carpentry as a career, an apprenticeship as a carpenter is the best way to gain access to this trade. If you are good with your hands and enjoy making things then this apprenticeship is custom designed for you. You will learn how to use all of the tools necessary to be able to make a wide array of wooden goods, from cabinets to tables and chairs. You will also learn about all of the different ways of joining pieces together and finishing them to a high standard.

What Are Carpenter Apprenticeships?

You will gain first-hand experience working alongside a carpenter or a team of carpenters building and/or repairing furniture. You will be introduced to all the different ways of interacting with, moulding and shaping wood in order to have it fit your requirements. 

It takes time to master the different skills that these machines require and this will be a large part of your apprenticeship. You will need to be proficient at using all of the different machines and tools that help carpenters to do their job. 

The Benefits of Carpentry Apprenticeships

Carpentry and skill with woodworking is not something that seems likely to die out as a trade. People still need to buy tables and chairs and even with the likes of IKEA, workers are still needed to cut and shape the components before they are flat packed and sent home with the customers.

Skilled carpenters will always be able to find a job and one of the advantages of an apprenticeship is that over two-thirds of apprentices remain with the company they were employed by once their apprenticeship ends.

What Does a Carpenter Apprenticeship Involve?

As with all apprenticeships, a carpenter apprenticeship conforms to the appropriate apprenticeship standards. This means that everyone who completes an apprenticeship in this subject area should exit at the end with a good idea of how to do the same things and possess the same skills, no matter the company or location in the UK they were trained at. 

You will receive 80% on-the-job training and 20% off-the-job training. Both of these components will be paid at the same rate so that you can earn as you learn. 

Are You Suited For a Carpentry Apprenticeship?

Carpentry apprenticeships are best suited to those who are more hands-on in their approach to life rather than particularly academically minded. Due to the nature of the job, there can be room for some fun and good-natured banter but care must be taken when around circular saws and other types of dangerous curring equipment. Not treating the equipment with the respect and maturity that is needed could cause very serious accidents so you need to know when to have fun and when to be calm, focused and serious.  

Apply For a Carpenter Apprenticeship in the UK

You can use our dedicated apprenticeship jobs board to apply for a carpentry apprenticeship today. Be sure to check out our tips on writing a better CV and improving your covering letter writing skills before applying, in order to maximise your chances of success. 

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