Software Engineer Apprenticeships

​​The software industry has continued to grow at an incredible rate, as apps and other forms of software form part of our daily lives. For those looking for a steady career that involves IT skills, a software engineer apprenticeship could be an ideal way to learn on the job and grow your skills.

Benefits of a Software Engineer Apprenticeship

Why are so many people looking to find an apprenticeship in software engineering nowadays? What are the specific benefits of taking this approach to building your career in the software development industry?

  1. You can earn while you learn: One of the best things about software engineer apprenticeships is that you can earn a salary while you’re learning. This means that you don’t have to take on any extra debt and can start working towards your career straight away.
  2. Gain experience and skills: A software engineer apprenticeship will give you a solid foundation of software development skills that can be built upon in your future career. As well as professional development, you will also have the opportunity to develop strong professional relationships with mentors and leaders in the software industry, giving you exposure to some of the best minds in software engineering today.
  3. Opportunity for growth: Software engineer apprenticeships are often an entry point into senior software engineering roles. With the right skills and experience, you could progress quickly within your software engineering career, all while continuing to learn on the job. If you find an opportunity within a great company then it is possible that you could stay in a role there for the long term. This is one of the reasons why companies offer apprenticeships.

Levels of Apprenticeships

There are different types of apprenticeships, meaning that you can apply for an apprenticeship at different levels of education. Intermediate, Advanced, Higher, and Degree levels are all available.

Software Development Technician apprenticeships are usually level 3 apprenticeships. They are equivalent in education terms to 2 A Level passes. They typically take 15-18 months to complete.

Other digital apprenticeships are available at levels from 2 all the way up to 7. You can find software engineer degree apprenticeship roles, which may also involve time spent at a university.

Is a Software Engineer Role For Me?

What sort of skills and interests are suited to software engineer roles? Who will be suited to this industry? A software development technician role might be a great fit if:

  • You have some experience in software engineering, either through working or studying.
  • You’re interested in gaining technical skills, and already have some knowledge of web applications development or software developers.
  • You have already studied IT and technical subjects, or have knowledge of a programming language.
  • The idea of earning while learning appeals to you and the opportunity to progress within a growing industry is appealing.
  • You enjoy software engineering and want to continue learning through on the job training.

Many apprenticeships are aimed at school leavers, but anyone can start an apprenticeship if they don’t already have pre-existing qualifications in the field that are of a higher level than those offered. If you are looking for a career change then an apprenticeship could be a good option.

How to Find a Software Engineer Apprenticeship

If you’re interested in finding a software engineer apprenticeship, check our jobs board for a number of software engineering positions.

On top of this, there is the option to look at other jobs that require digital skills, apprenticeships are available in similar roles and industries such as cyber security.

You can find a lot of information on how to find and apply for an apprenticeship here on Employing an Apprentice.


Do software engineer apprentices get paid?

Yes. While the pay may not be in-line with what you would get if you were fully trained, you can get paid on the job while you learn the skills you need, and gain experience in the industry.

What are the best locations for software engineering apprenticeships?

Many people look for software engineering apprenticeships in London. As with a lot of industries, London is a popular location for software development companies. However, with the growth in remote work, there may be opportunities all over the country.

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