Public Sector Apprenticeships

Written by Calvin Bowers

Many of the apprenticeships you hear about in the news or online are with private sector businesses, including the likes of large enterprise construction companies or accountancy firms. However, there are also hundreds of apprenticeships on offer in the public sector too.

In the UK, the public sector consists of all central and local governments, and all government-funded, public services and enterprises. The most common examples of public sector industries include education, healthcare, housing and public safety. In 2019 roughly 5.5 million people were working in the public sector in the UK. This is over 16% of all people in paid work.

There are many advantages to working in the public sector, such as job stability, good working benefits and conditions. Working for the public sector is a great way to support our essential services. You will make a positive impact on the lives of others and work with the priority of public interest.

Starting an apprenticeship in the public sector is a great way to get onto a stable and established career path, while still training and developing your skills. Here at Employing an Apprentice, we want to showcase some of the best public-sector apprenticeships out there.

Police Force

The police are a varied and exciting organisation to work for. You can help to make a difference in your community and support a safe and fair society. Here are some roles which are currently available as an apprenticeship:

  • Police community support officer: This is a Level 4 apprenticeship which trains you to work as part of a community support team, who work to prevent and deal with crime in a local area. This is a public-facing role in which you foster relationships within a community and promote public cohesion.
  • Police constable: At Level 6, this is a degree apprenticeship. Police constables work to uphold law and order through the detection, prevention and investigation of crime.

For more information, visit our dedicated page on Police Apprenticeships.


Working in education is a gratifying job as you are helping people of all ages to reach their full potential and unlock opportunities for themselves through learning and discovering. Some education apprenticeships include:

  • Early years educator: These are highly-trained professions that support young children to learn and develop. They ensure children are healthy and protected from harm and help children to develop critical numeracy and literacy skills, as well as attending to a child’s emotional needs.
  • Academic professional: Working within Higher education institutions delivering teaching and academic support.

Social Work 

As a social worker, you will provide an essential service to those most vulnerable within society, whether that be children and young people, disabled people, older adults or adults with social and psychological difficulties.

  • Social worker: This is a degree apprenticeship which trains you to protect vulnerable children and adults from harm, abuse, neglect or exploitation. You will work closely with families and members of the community to provide tailored and appropriate support.

For more information, visit our guide to types of apprenticeships or apprenticeship career paths. 

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Last Updated: Sunday April 16 2023
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