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Written by Calvin Bowers

This year National Apprenticeships Week is going to look a little different. Without events in person, businesses, training providers and colleges up and down the UK will be celebrating this week online. Here at Employing an Apprentice, we will be posting a new blog post every day. We have featured blogs, interviews, case studies and more.

Find an Apprenticeship Near You

To kick off National Apprenticeships Week 2021, we are so pleased to introduce you to our apprenticeships board. Our first apprenticeship went live a month ago and since then we have been uploading new opportunities every week. We currently have over 30 different apprenticeships showcased on our board. Including some from the largest and most well-known businesses across the UK.

Our apprenticeship board is clear and easy to use; you can search for a local apprenticeship by entering your location into the search tool, selecting how many miles you are willing to travel and what kind of apprenticeship you are looking for. You can then use the map feature to find all the apprenticeships near you. And you can limit your search by whether you want part-time or full-time, remote working, etc.

Our search function makes it really simple to find the right apprenticeship for you.

Some of our top picks from across the UK include:

  • Portsmouth UK, BAE Systems Degree Apprenticeship, Naval Ships Network Engineer.
  • Osterley UK, Sky Apprenticeship, Cyber Security

If you aren’t interested in local apprenticeships you don’t have to enter a location. You can use the map to browse different opportunities across the UK.

All the employers and training providers you see on our board have joined our network because they are committed to career opportunities for young people, and they recognise the value and potential of apprenticeships. As UK businesses fight to manage the current economic crisis, many are investing in the future potential of their employees through skills-based roles. By hiring people into ‘earn and learn’ positions, these businesses are able to ensure they have employees ready to work and develop as the industry does.

The Benefits of a Local Apprenticeship 

After browsing some of our local apprenticeship opportunities, you may be wondering whether doing an apprenticeship is right for you. Here are some of the benefits of doing an apprenticeship near you:

  • Doing an apprenticeship provides the opportunity for career progression through a company. You can join a business with little experience in the industry and learn and train as you gain hands-on experience.
  • There is a misconception that all early career opportunities are in London, however, this is not the case. Many regional companies are expanding their opportunities across the UK, which in turn boosts the economy for local areas.
  • If money is a little tight at the moment, a local apprenticeship is a great way to train for a job and gain a qualification. Due to salary and free training, apprenticeships are allowing more and more people to gain valuable skills for their careers. Furthermore, by doing an apprenticeship in your local area, especially a degree apprenticeship, you don’t have to worry about the cost of moving elsewhere. 

If this has sparked your interest, be sure to keep an eye on our apprenticeships board and check out the company profiles of employers offering new opportunities.

And make sure to check back every day this week to how we are celebrating National Apprenticeships Week 2021.

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Last Updated: Sunday August 20 2023
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