Why do an Apprenticeship in the Automotive Industry?

Written by Calvin Bowers

There are a variety of roles within the automotive industry and many apprenticeship standards available to help you kick-start your career. With the number of people employed in the automotive industry in the UK standing at well over 800,000, it’s clear this is an attractive sector with excellent employment prospects.

After leaving school, it can be challenging to enter a full-time role with little to no experience. The same applies to individuals looking to change their career. An apprenticeship allows you to develop specialist knowledge and skills while earning a wage, so you can achieve a successful career and reach your future potential.

There are several reasons why taking an apprenticeship in the automotive industry can be a rewarding experience, take a look at a few:

The Automotive Industry Offers a Variety of Roles

The automotive industry is one of the most significant sectors for apprenticeships in the UK. There are a variety of different roles in the automotive industry, many of which have an associated apprenticeship at either intermediate, advanced, higher or degree level. Some of the apprenticeship standards in the automotive industry are:

  • Vehicle damage mechanical, electrical and trim technician
  • Autocare technician
  • Motor vehicle service and maintenance technician
  • Heavy motor vehicle service and maintenance technician
  • Large goods vehicle driver
  • Vehicle damage panel technician
  • Vehicle damage assessor

Further, an automotive apprenticeship doesn’t have to be mechanical; there are plenty of non-technical apprenticeship standards available within the automotive industry. These include those in sales, customer service and administration.

On-the-Job Specialist Training Can Be More Effective than Traditional Teaching

The training you receive will depend on your job role but will be specific to the automotive industry. Many people find a hands-on approach to education as a more effective way of learning than traditional classroom-based teaching. You’ll be surrounded by experienced professionals so will receive lots of guidance and support.

Upon completion of your apprenticeship, you will have many options open to you for your future career path. While your apprenticeship will be specific to the automotive sector, the skills you have acquired will be transferable to other industries if you decide to switch careers later on.

Earn While You Learn

An apprenticeship is a perfect way to earn while you learn, especially because alternative education options, such as university can be immensely expensive. Earning a salary while you are developing specialist skills is a tremendous financial incentive to undertake an apprenticeship. In the case of the automotive industry, the bonus is you’ll never have to pay full price for your own car’s service or repairs.

To explore apprenticeships in more depth, take the time to read our guide on the reasons to start an apprenticeship. If you are ready to take this step towards career success, then use our advice on how to apply for an apprenticeship, and our document library to begin the application process.

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Last Updated: Thursday July 20 2023
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