Why It’s Never Been a Better Time to Employ an Apprentice

Written by Calvin Bowers

The UK government has recently announced an extension of the £3000 incentive grant for employers into next year, which is great news for businesses as it makes taking on an apprentice more accessible. What’s more is that employers can still apply for an additional £1000 grant for employing an young person, taking the total funding up to a possible £4000. So celebrate this announcement, we wanted to highlight some of the benefits that come with employing an apprentice.

Until recently, apprentice incentive payments were due to finish on 30th November, however the government’s Chancellor Rishi Sunak has recently announced an extension to the apprentice incentive payments as part of his Plan for Jobs, making it easier for employers who wish to hire a new apprentice before January 2022. Employers can receive £3000 from the government in addition to their existing payment of £1000 for employing young people as apprentices – and there is no cap on these incentives!

The payments will be made in two equal instalments for each apprentice, with the intial payment due after the apprentice completes 90 days in their role, and the second around 365 days later. Employer can spend these payments on anything to support their businesses ongoing costs, from initial training, tools or equiptment or they can even put it towards the apprentice’s salary.

We wanted to highlight some of the major benefits associated with apprentice hiring, for both businesses and individuals. There are many reasons why employers should consider taking on an apprentice, so here are our top 5.

Apprenticeships Can Help Your Business Grow

Taking on an apprentice can help your business grow, and also help you to grow as an employer. It can give your business the skills boost it needs, allowing you to expand into new areas of work – bringing in more clients or even helping with product development.

Apprenticeships are Beneficial for Both Parties

Apprenticeship programmes not only benefit apprentice employees, but they also benefit employers. Apprenticeships provide a structured and supportive environment for apprentice employees to develop their skills, knowledge and experience.

The Cost of Hiring an Apprentice is Much Lower Than You Might Think

Although apprenticeship salaries are not as high as those given to regular employees, the costs involved in taking on apprentice staff members generally works out cheaper compared with hiring regular staff.

Apprenticeships are a Great Way to Get Young People into Work

As well as offering apprenticeship programmes, employers can also help apprentice employees find alternative employment opportunities within the company through job sharing or part time working for example – this is an excellent opportunity for any business to invest in its own future workforce, and give new apprentice employees a chance to develop their skills.

Apprenticeships Allow Businesses to Invest in the Next Generation of Business Leaders

Taking on apprentice staff members can provide you with access to fresh and new talent for your business, helping spark innovation and creativity that could be lacking from existing team members or regular employees. It also provides an opportunity for employers to develop apprentice employees as future leaders of their company.

So there you have it! We hope this article has helped to highlight the benefits associated with hiring apprentices for your business, and how taking on apprentice staff can help grow your workforce in a number ways. If you would like more information about apprentice hiring or funding then please get in touch with us, read our dedicated apprenticeship funding page, or visit our services pages to find out more about how we can help you employ an apprentice.

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Last Updated: Tuesday February 8 2022
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