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Specialist Community and Public Health Nurse

Assess and support the health needs of the wider community, individuals, families and workplaces.


This Higher specialist community and public health nurse apprenticeship standard will provide you with a level 7, non-degree qualification qualification. This apprenticeship standard was approved on the 05/11/2019 and typically takes 18 months to complete. However, it is important to note that the duration of the apprenticeship standard stated does not include the End-Point Assessment period.

What the course covers

This apprenticeship can be based in the public, private and independent sector depending on the specific role. For example, Health Visitors and School Nurses are employed by the NHS, Local Authorities, Schools, Social Enterprises and Community Interest Companies. Alternatively, Occupational Health Nurses can be employed by any type of employer within the private, public and voluntary sectors.

This apprenticeship will equip you with the skills and knowledge to ensure people are supported through different stages of their life. This will include making sure babies have the best start to life and continue to be supported to promote positive health and wellbeing throughout the rest of their lives.

You will aid people in making informed decisions about how to ensure they are living the healthiest life possible, potentially addressing issues relating to deprivation and vulnerability. This may involve working with patients in a healthcare setting or their own home.

There are several roles included in this standard with each differing slightly as follows:

  • Healthcare Visitors and School Nurses mainly work with children, families and communities, liaising with schools, teachers, parents, carers, social worker and GPs. This role includes providing healthcare and education alongside raising any safeguarding concerns.
  • Occupational Health Nurses ensure the protection of health at work through programmes relating to health and safety, risk management and the promotion of wellbeing. This role requires liaison with HR staff, employees, managers, GPs and other health professionals if necessary.
  • Specialist Community Public Health Nurses work as independent practitioners but alongside healthcare professionals. This role provides education, coaching and advice to children, families, carers, employers and the public.

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Careers and jobs associated

  • Health Visitor
  • School Nurse
  • Occupational Health Nurse
  • Specialist Community Public Health Nurse

Visit the specialist community and public health nurse apprenticeship standard, on the Institute for Apprenticeships site, to find further information on skills and knowledge learnt, assessment methods and more.

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