Social Media Marketing Apprenticeships

A social media marketing apprenticeship can be a great way to put your digital skills into action and earn money while you train to work in the marketing industry. It’s a fulfilling role with a lot of potential career paths after your apprenticeship and it appeals to those who know the world of Instagram, Facebook, and other forms of social media.

Benefits of a Social Media Marketing Apprenticeship

There are some real upsides to taking an apprenticeship in this area. For a start, you can earn money while you learn. This is a big plus if you’re still paying off student loans or have other financial commitments.

You’ll also get plenty of training and experience in the marketing world which will make it easier to find a job when your apprenticeship finishes. As social media becomes more and more important for businesses, the opportunities for those with social media marketing skills are only likely to increase.

What Does a Social Media Marketing Apprenticeship Involve?

A social media marketing apprenticeship will usually involve working in a team and learning about all aspects of digital marketing. You might be involved in creating and managing social media campaigns, website design, or email marketing.

You could also be involved in creating or editing videos, managing blogs, and doing search engine optimization (SEO). Web analytics and other digital tools can be a big part of your job as a digital marketing assistant or apprentice.

What Level Are Social Media Marketing Apprenticeships?

Many people who want to go into this area use the level 3 advanced apprenticeship in social media and digital marketing. This allows them to either specialise in digital marketing or social media throughout the course.

If you don’t have the required skills and knowledge to go into the level 3 apprenticeship, you may be able to do a level 2 ICT qualification first.

The apprenticeship time can take 12-24 months, but this varies depending on the educational establishment as well as other aspects such as the employer you are working with. Your salary will be at an apprenticeship rate while you train.

Skills You Need To Get a Social Media Marketing Apprenticeship

What are the skills and interests that can lead you down this route?

  • A good understanding of social media, influencers, and the industry.
  • Knowledge of modern tech and digital skills, and preferably an ICT qualification.
  • An interest in digital marketing campaigns and online advertising.
  • Creativity and an eye for design.
  • An analytical mindset.
  • Some basic copywriting skills.
  • An understanding of digital campaigns and digital marketing concepts.

The industry is so varied that these are just a few examples of the skills you might use.

How Can You Find a Social Media Marketing Apprenticeship?

Many companies will directly advertise their apprenticeship positions, and you can check our apprenticeship jobs board to see if there are social media apprenticeships that you may wish to apply for. You may also be able to search by using local training provider websites or apply directly to companies that regularly employ apprentices.

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