Which Type of Apprenticeship is Right for Me?

Written by Calvin Bowers

Why Taking the Time to Assess Your Options is Important

Have you been wondering which type of apprenticeship is right for me?  It’s great that you have decided you want to do an apprenticeship. We firmly believe that everyone, no matter their age or ability, can benefit from learning and training through an apprenticeship. However, just like all choices about your future, it’s important not to rush into it. Apprenticeships are a commitment, and choosing the wrong one can be a waste for both you and the employer.

Those who choose to go to university or college to do further study spend plenty of time thinking about their options and weighing up the pros and cons of different locations and courses. When considering an apprenticeship, you need to do the same, whatever you reason for starting an apprenticeship is.

Apprenticeships combine working for a company, with at least 20% of your time spent on off-the-job training. This means that an apprenticeship isn’t just a job but also a way for you to progress your skills and career. If you choose an industry or sector that isn’t right for you in the long term, then you may end up having to go back and start a lower level apprenticeship again.

Part of our ethos at Employing an Apprentice is equipping young people with as much information as possible to ensure they can make well-informed, confident decisions about their future. If you need any advice on beginning an apprenticeship, have a look at our resources for apprentices.

Popular Types of Apprenticeships 

While apprenticeships are available in a whole range of industries and careers, some sectors are better suited to the vocational training of an apprenticeship. Here are some of the most popular types of apprenticeships. If you are interested in an apprenticeship of any kind, make sure to have a look at our apprenticeship board for live job vacancies.


Engineering apprenticeships cover a whole range of construction, technical and scientific roles. To do an apprenticeship in engineering, you need to have an interest and background experience in science. This is a popular type of apprenticeship due to the high employability prospects.


Medical and healthcare apprenticeships are growing rapidly; there are even discussions around using apprenticeships as an alternative route to becoming a doctor. Nursing apprenticeships are usually at degree level, which means they combine a university degree with practical nurse training, with a real wage from the very beginning.

Digital Marketing

A less vocational industries which have lots of great apprenticeship opportunities is marketing. Digital marketing is a form of marketing that utilises technology and the internet to market services or a product. Apprenticeships in digital marketing are a great way to get direct experience in marketing while gaining relevant qualifications.

Education and Childcare

One popular type of apprenticeship is working in childcare and education. You can begin at the intermediate level, and work your way through each apprenticeship stage, going right up to degree standard. There is a whole range of careers in education and childcare, including teaching, working in a nursery, working with children with additional needs, and many more.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Apprenticeship for You

Some young people know exactly what direction they want to take after leaving school, but more often than not, knowing which job or apprenticeship is right for you is a real challenge. Here are some tips for finding the perfect apprenticeship:

  • Assess your skills and where your strengths lie. This can be a great way to work out which industries and careers you could excel in.
  • Think about what you enjoy, both inside of education and outside of it. Whatever career path you take, it’s essential that you enjoy what you do.
  • Speak to as many people as you can for advice. This might be teachers, people at careers fairs, friends or family. The more advice you can get, the better informed your choices will be.
  • Make sure you understand apprenticeships and what they entail. Our site has a whole host of resources and information to help you understand precisely what apprenticeships are, how much money you can expect to earn, and how to apply for them.
Can I Change My Apprenticeship Easily If I Don’t Like It? 2022-03-11T16:13:24+00:00

Here at Employing an Apprentice, we fully understand that sometimes things in life things may not turn out to be what you expected. This goes for apprenticeships too. First and foremost, you are free to leave an apprenticeship at whatever stage if you feel the need to do so. Essentially it is the same as if you were in a regular job; your contract will state the period of notice you must give your employer if you want to leave.

However, it is important to know that you will not gain a qualification despite possibly completing a substantial amount of work if you leave your apprenticeship before completion. This is something you should consider when making your decision. You may carry this work with you to another job to complete the apprenticeship with a new employer.


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Last Updated: Friday July 22 2022
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