Are Computer Programming Jobs for Me?

Written by Calvin Bowers

Computer programming jobs and software development are becoming ever more popular as they are a category of job that can be done from anywhere that you can find a fast, reliable internet connection. Many people will choose to freelance in this area, rather than work with a location-specific company so that they can embrace a remote work career for the foreseeable future. 

There are many different apprenticeship standards in the IT sector that can lend themselves to remote-first careers but the potential for freelance earnings is generally considered the highest when it comes to those who embrace software development and computer programming jobs.

Computer Programming Jobs and Apprenticeships

There are several apprenticeship standards available in the software development sphere and we have included further information on some of them below for you. 

Aerospace Software Development Engineer

Designing and implementing software for the aerospace industry can sound like an exciting and innovative career and the apprenticeship standard that covers this is a Higher Apprenticeship (Level 6). The apprenticeship will normally take around 48 months in total, not including the End Point Assessment period. 

The course involves learning about the control and manipulation of all manner of aircraft through the role of software. A high standard of coding ability is required and expected for anyone starting this apprenticeship and coding, testing and modifying existing code as well as writing your own will form part of the apprenticeship.

You will also learn how to understand and interpret engineering data in order to decide whether to execute decisions within the aircraft programming. 

Software Development Technician

The software development technician advanced apprenticeship offers a Level 3 qualification and should take around 18 months to successfully conclude, excluding the End Point Assessment Period. 

This apprenticeship offers the opportunity to grow your skills in software development, working as part of a team while learning about the programming languages and development environments you will be using. 

You will be expected to assist the software developers and may be doing this by looking for flaws in the programming and correcting them or possibly writing your own code to complete certain tasks and goals, as instructed. You will test and debug components of more complicated programmes to ensure that they will work as intended when activated later, and you will be expected to ensure that you are conforming to industry best practices at all times. 

Software Tester

The Software Tester Higher Apprenticeship (Level 4) should take around 24 months to complete, excluding the End Point Assessment period. This apprenticeship will furnish you with all of the skills and information necessary to become a software tester. 

The testing and debugging of software is a vital discipline as it can detect flaws in code in advance of it actually being run in a live environment, thus saving organisations a lot of money in fixing things that may go wrong. 

There will likely be a lot of competition for entry to this apprenticeship standard as it has a higher academic output at the end of it and should enable the apprentice to develop important skills that will help them in the future.  

Are You Suited to Computer Programming Jobs?

There are many qualities that are needed in order to make a success of computer programming and software development and we look at a few of the skills and attributes that you will require. 

An Eye for Detail

This is a vitally important skill as you must be able to look through lines of code and be able to pick out where the errors lie. It is a similar skill to proofreading for people who are in the copywriting field and being able to pair this with a high reading speed should help you immeasurably in forging a successful career. 

Hard Working and Self-Motivated 

One of the most important things to be able to do when pursuing a career in software development is to be able to self-start. Nobody else will provide you with the motivation that you need and you must be able to do this on your own. Hardworking coders and software developers are far more likely to gain work in the freelance sector and references that mention it will help you to advance your career.

Aptitude for Problem Solving

Having a talent for problem-solving is another excellent indicator of future success in software development and programming. Being able to understand difficult problems and figure out the solutions to them will help you to progress in this field. Debugging and rewriting faulty code where it is not immediately obvious where the errors are located is a day-to-day occurrence in computer programming jobs. Being able to find workarounds and ways of bypassing problems is a large part of what you will be doing.

Excellent Organisational and Time Management Skills

It can be easy to get lost inside the flow of the code and lose track of time but the most successful programmers are able to maintain an eye on the clock as well as on what is happening on-screen, to ensure that they can manage their time effectively. 

Time management is important in all jobs but especially in those such as computer programming and software development, as these can often require an extremely quick turnaround. When this is the case, zoning out in front of a screen isn’t very helpful, so being able to successfully track deadlines and follow timescales is essential. 

Find a Computer Programming Apprenticeship Today

When looking for their ideal computer programming or software development apprenticeship, many people turn to specialised apprenticeship jobs boards, as these can be a good way to browse available vacancies in different areas. 

If you have decided that this is for you, it may also interest you to read “reasons to start an apprenticeship” and “how to apply for an apprenticeship”. These should help you to navigate the next steps that you will need to take in order to land your dream apprenticeship and be paid to earn while you learn, across the UK. 

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Last Updated: Wednesday November 16 2022
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