Education and Childcare Apprenticeship Standards 

Written by Calvin Bowers

Do you want to work in education or childcare? Do you want to put your care and empathy skills into practice every day? Then an apprenticeship might be the correct route for you.

Apprenticeships are popular across various careers and industries; however, they are particularly prominent in care and education roles. As apprenticeships enable people with natural childcare and education skills, to start using them from day one.

What is an Apprenticeship Standard?

Apprenticeships are a combination of working and training for qualification. The working element is with an employer, like any traditional job. And the training is with a training provider, usually an external organisation who award qualifications.

As of last year, all apprenticeships are now centralised and outlined in an apprenticeship standard. Employers and training providers created these standards to ensure that apprentices learn the right skills needed to fulfil the role. Any apprenticeship you do will be with a specific employer and training provider. And it will also correspond to an apprenticeship standard.

The standards ensure that all apprentices are practising the same skills, learning the same knowledge and gaining the same qualification. No matter who their employer.

Our Top Education and Childcare Apprenticeship Standards

Today we are going to list our top five education and childcare apprenticeship standards. If you like the sound of any of these apprenticeships, you can search for employers near you that are offering them.

Apprenticeship Level Description
Early Years Educator 3 Early years educators are highly trained professionals. They play an essential role in ensuring young children can learn and develop well. You will make sure the children in your care are healthy, happy and in a safe environment.  For example, where they can comfortably learn and play.
Teacher 6 This apprenticeship covers the teaching of pupils aged 3 to 19 years old. It can be based in a variety of settings including primary, secondary, and college environments. This Higher teacher apprenticeship standard will provide you with a level 6, non-degree qualification.
Learning Mentor 3 As determined by your employer and professional body, apprentices will be using their sector-specific knowledge to mentor new employees in that field. Mentoring is an essential element of the Education and Training Sector (ETS), and in all staff-development contexts.
Academic Professional 7 The Academic Professional apprenticeship will provide an introduction to tutors and lecturers new to the higher education sector, as they start their teaching roles and share their knowledge with students and other stakeholders in an educational environment.
Assessor or Coach  4 Being an Assessor or Coach apprentice will involve you using your knowledge and experience to train and assess vocational learning, against competence-based qualifications (e.g. NVQ’s) in a range of learning environments

If you are interested in any of these apprenticeships, head over to our jobs board to see live apprenticeship opportunities.

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Last Updated: Thursday August 4 2022
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