Which Mechanic Apprenticeship is Right for Me?

Written by Calvin Bowers

You may have set your sights on a mechanic apprenticeship but it is important that you take the time to look into the different potential opportunities and decide which one is best suited to your skills and educational attainment level. 

You can view the apprenticeship standards in order to ascertain which of the mechanic apprenticeships is the best fit for you and for your circumstances. They tend to be of varying lengths, with different entrance criteria and there are some that may require a higher level of educational attainment than you have managed so far. 

Before applying for a mechanic apprenticeship you should check that you are eligible to do so by reading our article on who can start an apprenticeship. It makes sense to check this before going any further in the application process, to avoid excess disappointment if you are unsuccessful in applying after becoming invested in the idea.

Our article on the reasons to start an apprenticeship is also a good primer on the potential benefits of taking on an apprenticeship role and is recommended reading for all potential apprentices.      

What are Apprenticeship Standards?

Apprenticeship standards are the way that the government ensures that all of the apprentices across the country doing the same apprenticeship but who are placed with different companies learn the same base set of skills. This ensures that future employers value the qualification that comes with a completed apprenticeship and realise that the person who is applying for a job with them is suitably qualified. 

This means that there is a standardised approach to the coursework and off the job training that is offered through learning providers, and there is also a standard End Point Assessment at the end of the apprenticeship in order to assess the skills that you have garnered during the apprenticeship. 

There are many different apprenticeship standards for being a mechanic and there are many different job roles that you could be taking on as part of your apprenticeship. 

Benefits of a Mechanic Apprenticeship

A mechanic apprenticeship will equip you with the skills and knowledge to undertake a successful career in anything to do with machinery, repairs and engines. You will learn how to spot, diagnose and fix faults. You will learn when you need to intervene and when something will sort itself in time if allowed to continue. You will develop a familiarity with machine parts and an understanding of how they interact with each other to create combustion and momentum to power vehicles, lifts and doors. 

One of the most important things you will learn is how to interact positively with other people in your field and to cooperate with them on often complicated jobs to ensure that they are done on time and effectively. There will be many experienced mechanics to learn from and you will be able to gain a lot of knowledge in a short period of time if you are attentive. 

One of the major benefits of an apprenticeship of any kind is that you will be paid for the entire duration of it. You will be required to spend 80% of your apprenticeship doing the work aspect of it and the other 20% will be off the job training. It doesn’t matter which you are doing at any given time though, you will be paid for all 100% of your time working on the apprenticeship, whichever aspect you are working on.

Completing an apprenticeship puts you in an excellent position compared to people who only studied the theory. You will have made good contacts within the industry and should be well placed to find a compatible job at the end of your apprenticeship. You will be able to take a look and decide which career paths suit you best in your chosen field.

Which Mechanic Apprenticeship Standards are Available?

There are a large number of mechanic apprenticeships available under the apprenticeship standards and some of these include: 

Accident Repair Technician, Autocare Technician, Aviation Maintenance Mechanic MilitaryBus and Coach Engineering Technician, Construction Equipment Maintenance Mechanic, Heavy Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician, Marine Electrical / Mechanical Mechanic, and Motorcycle Technician (Repair and Maintenance).

Are You Suited to This Type of Apprenticeship?

We always encourage people to follow their passion so the best way to figure out whether a mechanic apprenticeship is for you is to look at where your interests and passions lie. Do you spend every spare moment of your time tinkering with motorbikes, engines or machines in order to figure out how they work? Have you ever taken something apart just to figure out how to put it back together again in working order? Do you watch youtube videos about these kinds of subjects? If you can answer yes to any of these then it sounds like a mechanic apprenticeship would be an excellent fit for you.

You will need to be a responsible person as working with machinery can be a dangerous occupation and safety protocols must be learned and followed, to keep not just yourself but the rest of your team as safe as it is possible to be.    

Apply for a Mechanic Apprenticeship

If you have taken the time to consider all of the possible apprenticeship standards relating to mechanic apprenticeships and have managed to narrow down which would be the best fit for you, the next step would be to browse our apprenticeship jobs board to see what is available in your area. 

Mechanic Apprenticeship Employers

If you are an employer who has a mechanic apprenticeship to fill and you are reading this blog post, it may be worthwhile looking at our services for employers as we offer the chance to have your apprenticeship featured on our dedicated apprenticeship jobs board by purchasing Apprenticeship Job Vacancy Credits

This allows you to ensure that as many people who are looking for your apprenticeship as possible can find it, giving you a stronger candidate pool to choose from and increasing your chances of finding someone who is a good fit at your company.

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Last Updated: Tuesday April 30 2024
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