Popular Apprenticeships in 2023

Written by Calvin Bowers

There have been a great many popular apprenticeship standards in recent years in all manner of different job roles. We take a look at some of the popular apprenticeships in 2023 and discuss a little about each of them.

2023 looks like being an excellent year for apprenticeships as employers are increasingly looking toward them as a potential solution to help plug the UK skills gap. The skills gap is real and exists at a country-wide level following the departure of so many EU citizens following Brexit. 

This upheaval, paired with the “Great Resignation” of 2021/22, which saw around 5% of the population change their jobs in a single year, has caused problems across most sectors in the UK. Some large retail chains have even had to close shops early due to a lack of staff availability. 

Most Popular Apprenticeships in 2023

The most popular apprenticeships tend to be those that offer apprentices a very clear route to success, with job roles in fields that are known for having job stability, above-average salaries of a combination of both of these highly valued attributes. We’ll take a look at ten different apprenticeship job roles from five different categories that will prove to be popular picks in 2023.

Business, Administration and Law Apprenticeships

Within this category are some of the best paid apprenticeship standards available in the UK. so it is entirely understandable that this category is home to some of the most popular apprenticeships. 

Business Administrator – Level 3

The Business Administrator Advanced Apprenticeship should take 18 months to complete, outside of the End Point Assessment period and this popular apprenticeship focuses on helping a business to run smoothly. Being able to help to regulate and improve systems within the office, you will use your strong skills in organisation to enhance the working of the company. 

HR Consultant and Partner – Level 5

The Human Resources Consultant and Partner Higher Apprenticeship should take 36 months to complete, not including the time taken to achieve the End Point Assessment. This apprenticeship will teach you what you need to know to become a partner in your own HR practice and will equip you well for your future career in HR. 

Health, Public Services and Care Apprenticeships 

There has never been a better time to undertake an apprenticeship in this sector. The NHS and private care providers are crying out for new workers and there are many opportunities to be had for motivated young people.

Associate Ambulance Practitioner – Level 4

The Associate Ambulance Practitioner Higher Apprenticeship is an intensive 18 months (Excluding the End Point Assessment) as part of an ambulance crew, dealing with many complex emergency cases. You will learn quickly how to assess, treat and manage patients on-site and how to apply treatments such as respiratory and circulatory management. 

Nursing Associate – Level 5

The Nursing Associate Higher Apprenticeship is 24 months, not counting the End Point Assessment. This job role aims to bridge the gap between the traditional health and care assistant roles and registered nursing. You will learn about caring for people of all ages and ethnicities. Treating people respectfully is key and will be promoting health and health protection.

Retail and Commercial Enterprise Apprenticeships

Retail has been really struggling ever since the height of the Covid pandemic saw people go into lockdown and fail to conduct their usual feats of shopping. Adversely affected by the Great Resignation, there are some stores which have a great many staff absent and some have had to close early as they lacked the staff numbers. They are looking to bounce back so these will be some of the most popular apprenticeships in 2023.

Beauty Therapist – Level 2

The Beauty Therapist Intermediate Apprenticeship is a 15 month apprenticeship, when we exclude the End Point Assessment. You will be expected to be able to work independently, as well as with others and will learn a wide variety of useful skills to enable you to give different treatments, facials and massages. You will be expected to interact positively with customers at all times. 

Retail Manager – Level 4

The Retail Manager Advanced Apprenticeship is a typically a 12 month apprenticeship, exclusive of the End Point Assessment. You will learn how to lead and manage a team in a retail setting and gain an understanding of customer service and ways to improve sales. You will also learn business planning and administration, an essential part of the job role. 

Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies Apprenticeships 

Engineering jobs are always popular and those with excellent hand-eye coordination are always welcome in these job roles. Being good with your hands is a prerequisite for most of the roles in this particular category. 

Aerospace Engineer – Level 6

The Aerospace Engineer Degree Apprenticeship lasts for 48 months, excluding the End Point Assessment. You will learn how to design and maintain parts for aircraft, as well as repair them. You will accrue expert level knowledge which you can then turn to designing more efficient parts and materials for future aircraft design. You will learn about the forces that affect flight and the toll they take on equipment. It is easy to see why this will be one of the most popular apprenticeships in 2023.

Engineering Technician – Level 3

The Engineering Technician Advanced Apprenticeship lasts for 42 months, excluding the End Point Assessment. You will learn many skills relating to the manufacture, maintenance and repair of automotive, aeronautic or marine vehicles. This is an extremely technical job role and you will learn advanced skills and will be expected to apply safe systems of working in all that you do.

Construction, Planning and the Built Environment Apprenticeships   

There is always plenty of interest in construction apprenticeships and there is a good future to be had in planning as well, so it is no wonder that many of the apprenticeships in this category are popular. 

Bricklaying Apprenticeship – Level 2

The Bricklaying Apprenticeship Intermediate Apprenticeship takes place over 30 months, excluding the End Point Assessment. The skills involved in bricklaying are in high demand within the construction industry so this is an excellent way to get your foot in the door and get started on building your future. You will  learn how to lay bricks safely and all of the health and safety considerations involved.  

Civil Engineering Technician – Level 3

The Civil Engineering Technician Advanced Apprenticeship takes place over a period of 36 months. You will be providing support to civil engineers in the course of their duties. You will help in the design, operation and maintenance of public and private building contracts while ensuring that all relevant safety rules are adhered to. 

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Last Updated: Tuesday January 24 2023
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